The Hartland: 7DSD: Day 4,5 &6- Cheat much?

Monday, January 2, 2012

7DSD: Day 4,5 &6- Cheat much?

Day 4 (12/31)- Happy New Year!

Started the day off GREAT! I got up, worked out 30 mins and had my scramble and coffee.

Then had some fruit, (a Clementine! yummy!) went to Kohls and spent my CASH, then did some flower shopping at Hobby Lobby for our "mock table set up" for the wedding.

Still doing well at 2 but was starving! We made some sandwiches at home and my M3 was sort of a cheat. I had 1/2 a ciabatta bread with lean chicken on it + hummus & veggies. It was so good, I almost didn't care! On to my DIY project for the wedding... soon to be blogged about... be on the lookout!

Missed M4 because I was busy getting ready for a New Years Party that night. I made healthy cake pops and of course I ate one that fell apart. OOPS! Plus I had to make mac and cheese (Panera recipe!) and I sampled that too. I mean, gotta make sure it tastes good for everyone else right? Ugh. The party that night was gonna be hard.

M5- Chicken casserole that Jess made... it was so good! I had a small amount and got green beans and salad too (so good!). Water accompanied me that night as I ate some apples with an amazing dip (um, what was in that again Jess? haha!) and another freakin' cake pop. But hey, I was fairly good all day and it was New Years Eve for petes sake! The rest of the night we had lots of fun with new friends and rang in the New Year!

Day 5 (1/1)- Happy 1st day of 2012!

Well this is where I REALLY fell off the diet wagon.

The morning was good with my workout and scramble but I got started a little late so my M2 was a quick clementine while I was getting ready to leave for a work thing that night.

I missed M3 but when we got to the casino, my boss had a gift basket for us! So, I ate some wasabi pretzels for a pick me up before we all went and played a little. We got treated VERY well for our hard work in 2011 & had yummy dinner that night. I tried my hardest to be very good. I had one piece of calamari appetizer, half a bruschetta and a small piece of crab cake. Said NO to the sourdough bread too! I got a lean 7oz filet and steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce. The meal came with mashed potatoes and omg, I ate half of them. ARGGH! I couldn't help it! I didn't cave on my drink thought! I got water instead of diet which was hard because everyone had fancy yummy drinks. Then dessert came and I ate some but not 1/2 or anything.

Later that night I had a cake pop, two small chocolate coins and a cinnamon churro thing. When you are at a hotel, its hard not to eat the stuff that is starring at you!

I finally had to go to sleep so that I would quit thinking about the goodies in the gift basket.

Day 6 (1/2)- Not good so far!

We had Paula Deen Buffet for breakfast. Enough said (I didn't do bad, but bacon, a pancake and dessert aren't on the slim down.)

Had a salad at lunch with 3 small cheese sticks.

It's almost 4:00 and I haven't had my morning or afternoon workout and stuck with anything on the slim down. :(  I'll try better tomorrow, but I'll be out of town on a job site. It's my last day on the slim down. I'm going to print my TIU calendar and try to do my challenges before I leave and make healthy choices at lunch!!

See you tomorrow for a results post! eek!


Amber Stanton said...

Dont beat yourself up! Yes your healthy new you does have some slipups but that is entirely normal! You are devoted to a change, which throughout your posts I think you are making positive choices (bye bye diet coke addiction)! So be proud of that! You are devoted to make a new you, so don't let slip ups get you down! Baby steps will still get you to your goal if you are determined and I know you are :)

Savannah said...

You inspire me! Your "cheats" are nothing compared to pre-Tone Up life, right? Keep it up!

Two of Harts said...

Thanks Amber! Even with the slip ups, I don't think I did too bad! :D