The Hartland: August 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo Dump

My brain is mush and I am so behind on life happenings. So here is a big ol mash of stuff, made into collages for your viewing pleasure :)

So, we bought a copula for the house. Found it on Craigslist from some pretty awesome people up in Indiana for $250. They had a cute little farm with chickens, 3 or 4 Golden retrievers and, wait for it.... A POT BELLY PIG! Sadly, I did not get any pictures of him. Fail on my end. Gosh he was so cool!

Also, I made the two big decisions on  pieces for the house... the bathroom vanity and an old pie safe! The vanity was originally $899 on sale for $399 at the peddlers mall. Yep, that's how I roll! Saw it posted on Craiglist (I'm seeing a trend) went the next day and bought it. Boom! The pie safe is for the wedding then I will probably re-do it for the house. I think its so cute! Oh, and it was found for $150 on Craiglist. Shocker, I know. What do you think of our 3 big purchases?

On to the next one...

Often times, I drive Tyler out to work on the house after work. One day while we were waiting on some others to show up we took some pictures of our the fruit we have growing on our land! I just love my pear on a pear :)

Check out the creeper face from Tyler. He is good at that. Also, good at getting our non existent mail. Soon enough, I'm painting that ugly mailbox. Good thing about it? Its one of those HUGE mailboxes so I can receive large amounts of Amazon/Ebay/Etsy orders.. yippie! 

The next week my family from Okie Homie came to visit! They drove out to see the place and make fun of us for making a huge mistake congratulated us on the house! ;) Little man was very excited to see the "big truck" and rode around the farm on it. 

That weekend was also Little Mans 2nd birthday! He is growing up so fast! We went to eat at Outback, and then Buzz opened all his goodies!

He tried to blow his candles out but then decided Woody would to a better job and almost caught his forehead on fire. Little Man= Sid. 

His Auntie M/Aunt Moggie and Aunt MiMi sure did love having him around for the weekend!

Next up... More house updates coming your way. It's too late for me to keep going. Yes, I'm old and I get tired at 11:00 and I also need to eat my ice cream before it melts.
 Aunt Moggie out! 


Thursday, August 23, 2012

What wedding?

In the midst of all this house madness, there is still a wedding to plan believe it or not. So lets back up a few months... ok like 5 months. Back in April, 5 out of 7 of my lovely maids joined me at Bridal Warehouse to find their dresses for the big day. Back then, we thought this wedding was worlds away, now look at where we are. 64 days. 64! I will have a HUSBAND in 64 days! Total freak out moment! Anyway... What I thought would be a difficult venture really turned out to be quite simple. At first, having 7 girls with different heights, shapes, likes and dislikes, I was worried. Plus ,I wanted them to have something comfortable and I had to please one that lived in Hawaii and one in North Carolina via photo text... gosh I love smart phones :)

My sister (Matron of Honor) brought the rest of the girls bags full of goodies! She had "B" written all over the bag. See, everything we are doing has 90% of the time started with a B... Bardstown, Blue, Baptist, Books, Burlap.. you get the picture... IT was a cute little gift :)

Katie and Shannon were like kids at Christmas!

AWE SHANNON! Love you girl!

Amy and Katie shopping till they drop 

Sarah AKA sexy duck :)

Brenda Boo explaining what she liked about this dress

Below  is what they all agreed on! Except, not in purple.  PS- If you ever need a good knowledgeable person to help you at Bridal Warehouse, Bethany behind that computer right there is your girl! She just saw me last week at my sisters fitting and totally remembered me! She is so sweet :)

Bridesmaid pumps

I LOVE ALL MY GIRLIES! We missed you Christie and Tiff!!!! 

We then headed to Applebees to stuff our faces. That how we roll.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Demolition Derby

This has been the most exciting part of this whole process! Seeing this place get flipped turned upside down... I'd like to take a minute just sit right there...

Sorry Fresh Prince flashback... bet you sang it though.

Anyway, I haven't been keeping up in real time so the following pictures are about 2-3 weeks ago. I'll get caught up eventually...
Out with the old!

Think I'm gonna sell that door... any takers?
 Yep, we found some hardwood under there! It is actually in REALLY good condition however, we have to cut the floors out to get under the house to jack it up. So, Molly gets the floors she's always wanted! hip hip hooray!

Wood everywhere!
The next week my mom and I pull up to this... AHHHHHHH! The house was lookin' janky. But I had faith it would all be ok!

      New Windows!
Poles for porch

yay lumber!
He was all sweaty...
   So whats going on here? They've ripped the bottom of the house off! No really, thats basically what had to happen. They dug the footer for the front porch and marked the new front door placement. Also, my contractor taking a diet coke break... it's ok, I allowed it.

King of the castle.

This house be lookin' crazy underneath! There was termite damage but it's not active now. So, the next phase for the men is to jack up the house and put new boards underneath. The next step for us women, is to pick the cabinets, flooring, vanities etc.

Here is  the route I'm thinking of taking...

Here are a few inside demo pictures that will really wow you... they did me anyway!


My dad is standing in what will be our walk in closet/laundry room area. The middle walls you see will be knocked down eventually and that will all be our open master bedroom :)

Can anyone picture it yet? Will can.

Again, more to come soon! They are moving faster than I can write these posts!


Friday, August 17, 2012

House Tour Part 2

Hi yall, I'm back with another update! A TON has happened since I left you hanging in the last post.

So let's get started shall we?

Representin' O-Phi-A! :)
Tyler has really impressed me with his work ethic on this house. He is out there every night (with the exception of a few) and works his booty off. He has been in the attic knocking out our bedroom ceiling, chainsawing trees and hammering out drywall! He is determined to see progress on this house! I'm so lucky to be marrying such an awesome guy! Ok moving on from my mushy moment!

I bet he feels just as lucky to  be marrying this pasty white chick standing on a stump. Hotness.
Trophy wife.
 Side Note: Does it look like there is some creepy object in the left picture window? Now I'm kinda freaking out ...

Brains... creepy place I tell ya.
Again, hotness.

Since the removal of all the trees and such, the property looked a little something like this...

Ok enough about the outside...who is ready for an inside tour!? Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen... this is a doozy!

Sun room
Our plan in this room is to put up new drywall, paint the frames of the windows white, add board paneling to the ceiling, 1/2 mud room 1/2 sun room. Making this a whimsical relaxing place for me to read and Facebook stalk. The "woman cave" if you will.

This 1/2 will be the sitting area
This is the mudroom 1/2
Welcome to my 1950's Kitchen... isn't she lovely?

I have big plans for this room.. it's the focal point and biggest longest kitchen I've ever seen... besides Miss Betty's and Homearama homes. This kitch is legit.

Believe it or not we aren't keeping the green fridge.. 
A breakfast nook will be in this corner
We decided on all stainless steal appliances and white cabinets. Dark floors and country french type fixtures. Most of this stuff hasn't been picked out but I've seen it on Pinterest and that makes it pretty official.

The cabinets in the above picture will get saved, painted and put out in the garage for the "man cave" Our plan is to take out the last window to make room for a fridge and pantry on the end by the sun room door.

 Onward march to the living area!

Living Room
Those curtains are sexy and they know it. For real though, years of dust, cobwebs and insects flooded these things. Gross. The goal in this room is to get rid of the carpet (done) remove the hearth and redo the whole fireplace. I want to add bookcases instead of windows and put my TV above the fireplace. No sweat. Oh, and make a cut out in the wall to see into the kitchen (so I can watch TV while I heat up takeout cook)

Plan: Everything is going. Except that cat TP holder which we wrote into the contract... I'll re gift it to a future bride. Don't make me mad... JK!

Bedroom #1 (Master)
 The OVERALL plan is to make a 3 bedroom house into 2. I know, I know...but the rooms are so small and had itty bitty closets... see below. So, we are expanding the bathroom into the 1st bedroom and making 1/2 of it our master walk-in closet. Sounds like a nightmare but someone named Ray Cecil Jr. told me everything would be "Aight"

This part will be 1/2 closet 1/2 bathroom

Bedroom #2 (Guest)

We don't have any big plans for the 2nd bedroom but to expand into the living room and give this room a closet.

So in conclusion:

Amongst everything else I have been doing, I did a floor plan in Google Sketchup. For all those who can't imagine what the heck I'm talking about, this should help. I am a visual person... so here is what the final product will look like (mostly)

So do you think we are all nut cases? Anything you think I should or should not do?

More to come soon on the demolition of the inside!