The Hartland: November 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tis the Season for Traveling!

Hello All!!

Don't mind me.. just doing my monthly post hahahaha! ;) But for reals, this post has some tips you might appreciate so you may want to keep reading..

First of all, I hope you all had an AMAZING  time with your families for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We sure did and we of course, ate way too much and we headed back to the gym Monday to get back on track. We did a lot of traveling and sitting on our bums that long has motivated us! This whole season is the time we all get our travel on though. Whether it be just up the road to your mamma's house, downtown to a Christmas play or 3 hrs away to visit in laws for a New Years Party, we all travel.

Sometimes travel is messy and can be aggravating. There always seems to be so much stuff to remember to pack and only a certain amount of space to pack it all up in! We know this well since we still drive our high school cars that are tiny!

So, I'm here on behalf of RelayRides to share 5 tips that I use to help me (and the hubs!) stay sane while on the road.

We mainly stay around KY when we travel but this first tip I love for any distance!

1. Put your earrings/small jewelry in a pill box!

I  have a few small pair of earrings I like to wear and switch out with my different outfits. It's always hard keeping up with them when I take them out and sometimes they end up in my makeup bag.. straight to the bottom ! So, along with any vitamins or other pills I need, I add my earrings to the pill box and I always know where they are.

Other things that might fit include: Small hair bands, close pins, pushpins, rings & men's cuff links!

2. Phone Charger(s)

I got this nifty little charger with TWO ports on it from a vendor at work.

It has been awesome to have on our travel adventures!  It's no secret, we all love our phones. We need them charged to look up restaurants in the area, use maps to get us where we are going and also, sound hound that song on the radio so it doesn't drive us nuts not knowing the artist! GUILTY!  This little charger has saved us (we only have one working port in our cars.. joys of an old car) and has helped us  from having to decide who gets their phone charged up first... "I'm at 5%, give me the charger!"  Disaster averted.

3. Roll it up!

I love to save space where I can, so I roll up my camis, sock and underwear and shove them in my winter boots! It's available space so why not? This in turn will free up space for you to pack some gifts back with you annnnnd keeps your boots true to form :)

7 small shirts
Rolled into 1 boot!

4. Rent for cheaper

We don't do a lot of rental cars but if our little high school cars ever broke down (knock on wood) and we needed one, we would like to save some cash doing so! One way is to download rental apps and find the cheapest rate in your travel area. Another way is using TURO (they have an app too!). They have rentals in just about every city you are traveling to and its cheaper than most rentals companies, Plus you are helping someone out by renting their car :) Win/Win
If you are traveling by air, they also have an option to rent at the airport! Check out their airport car rentals to see what they have available for you and your family 

5. Combos, chocolate & a diet coke

'This is my go to snack on most of our trips.. gotta keep me happy! Happy Wife, Happy Life! But honestly, get those snacks ready a head of time so you aren't stopping to much on the way to your destination! Less in and out of the cold in my opinion especially if you have kiddos!

Bonus Tip! (#6)
We are headed south soon to pick up our little pug puppy, Phoebe. I've got my combos ready for the ride! But I heard this tip from a friend that sells oils... If you have a rather anxious pet you are traveling with, Lavender oil really can calm a pup down. A few drops massaged behind their ears and they will relax and more than likely sleep on your car ride. Find that oil here

There ya have it! Some good ol tips for travel. Some of these may be common sense but some people need a little help if they don't travel often. I hope at least one of these keeps your stress levels down this Holiday season.

Cheers to 2015!