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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Projects

Well blog world, I'm back! For like 2.5 seconds..

I wanted to update you all on the house stuff before August creeps up on us.. oh wait.. that's already here. Wow, I didn't blog at all in July... my bad yall, my bad.

This month is a busy one for us.. it will be filled with kids birthday parties, the worlds longest yard sale, a bachelorette party, Kings Island, Ikea, a wedding and a wedding shower! So needless to say, I'm jam packed with little time for blogging so, this may be it for a while.. again, my bad yall.

So, on to the projects that have filled our summer!


One weekend in May, I decided it was time to fix our rusty old mailbox. Instead of buying a new one, I had some paint already and stencils so, it got a makeover.

Tyler made a new base for it so it would sit better on the pole. He is so handy :)

I want to start leaving notes and goodies for the mail person once a week under the HELLO. I think that would be fun! :)


A pretty Saturday morning, we decided to take a trip to Bardstown for breakfast at Mammy's Kitchen. Tyler and I were walking through town and saw a cute little sign in a window with the coordinates of Bardstown. Since we got married there, I of course wanted it. Tyler gently reminded me that I could make it for much cheaper. That's why I married him.. smart, cute AND frugal ;) So, that's what I did! Once I painted it, it sat in the living room for a while. I couldn't decide where I wanted to hang it.. which is a daily struggle for me.. ha!

Finally we hung it with the rest of our wedding photos on our gallery wall in our master bedroom along with a shadow box with Tyler's boutonniere in it. It was the perfect size! Still going to add one more thing to that wall.. just gotta go make it! Easier said than done.


Us girls hit up some yard sales in Indiana one weekend and on another weekend, I did a little shopping in Elizabethtown with my mom and sister.. Here are a couple of my finds for the house :)

 I found this type set drawer for $20 in Indiana! Fan courtesy of my MIL :)

The rug I found in E-town (after my unfortunate "pink" rug incident left me looking for something new.. see below)
I found that cute blue pillow for the couch in E-town as well, then came home and decided to put some mason jars on my ugly light. Still trying to sell my original light but this is cute for now.
A few weekends ago, I spotted some old windows on a FB yard sale site, so I snagged those puppies!  That wall was in need of something and those windows were calling my name. I still plan on hanging something under the windows that will hold bath soaps, towels, candles & salts. All the goodies for a bath :)

In late July, our big project has been getting the trim up in the sun room and all the windows in and cleaned! Next up is sanding more holes, dusting everything off and painting! Here is a shot of the house WITHOUT plastic on the back and June enjoying the new trim.

Thank goodness all that plastic is gone. Much better!

Thanks for reading yall! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the place ;)

Happy August !

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday friends!

I'm a little late in posting but I wanted to share a few things that caught my eye this week.. Enjoy!

PS- Have a Happy Fathers Day weekend!  Hug and kiss your dad if you can :)

 Favorite Island

Love you Daddy xoxo

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Hartland Sign

So, loooooooooooooong ago I worked on this project, hung it up and forgot to tell you all about it!

I wanted something to go over my sink in the kitchen so I went out to our pile of wood and picked a piece out that would fit. I decided to go with the name of our blog and make it look like the title on the homepage. Being free handed, I don't think it turned out too bad! Check it out :)

I used the dark walnut stain from Minwax.
Yes, we still need to tile our back splash (a summer project for sure) 

An official sign for the Hartland :)


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cheeseburger in paradise

Well people... I didn't know that I could make a cheeseburger cake... but I did. First let me explain why I did this crazy cake. This year marked 3 years that my grandpa went to his heavenly home. Every year, we eat a cheeseburger in memory of him (with extra pickle) since it was one of his favorites and one of his last meals. My nanny (aka Graham Cracka-- yeah shes cool like that) celebrates her birthday in May and we decided to get her a grill and have a burger themed party! I was in charge of the cake so, I decided on making it epic this year... I mean, why not?!

While I am no expert on the art of cake making, I thought it would be fun to document my first artsy cake and explain how to do it in case anyone out there needs to make one. It was a big cake y'all so you could totally cut the "burger" in half and tweak this how you like (add onions or bacon?)
Anyway, here is my the process for all to see!

My ingredients:
-1 yellow cake mix (makes two small rounds)
-1 Devils Food cake mix (filled up the pan more and made cupcakes with the rest)
-eggs/oil/water for the cakes
-Food coloring
-Sugar cookies
-2 Cans whipped icing (one for coloring and one for mixing the caramel icing for the buns)
 (I don't suggest the whipped icing-- go homemade if you can! It was too runny)
-Caramel flavor packet
-Green cookie gel (suggest doing it with piping and different icing, this was also too runny)

So, cake basics-- let it cool completely before icing (do a crumb coat and add that icing layer on the top so the cake doesn't slip off the next layer)

Next add your green goop aka lettuce in this example, and plop the burger on top of that. My favorite part was the cheese (see how I mixed colors below) I thought it looked like the melted ball park nacho cheese, which is one of my favorites to get at a ball game. Anyway,. I made a star pattern so the cheese was hanging at 5 different spots. That also counted as my icing layer.
Pop the sugar cookies in the oven while you are doing the cheese. Also, taste test the cookies just to make sure no one will get sick. A crucial step. Gotta be safe.

After the cookies cooled, I did red icing layer for "ketchup" and used the same icing for the cookie tomato. The green cookie is supposed to be pickles. I wish they would have looked better but I was working with what I had :) You could try fondant for the toppings if you'd like. Shaping fondant I think would help make it more realistic.

Plop the bun on top, icing it with the caramel icing and add your white sesame seeds. DONE!

My Graham Cracker loved her cake :) 

And that is how a cheeseburger cake is made (sorta...)

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