The Hartland: May 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Drumroll please....

First of all, I want to show you guys what's happened before the cabinets arrived. I got a little ahead of myself.

We have painted the kitchen and living room, finished the hardwood in both and added a master bedroom fan.

Oh, and the whole house had to be lowered because of a hump in the floor.... so poor Tyler was back under the house to fix it! Weird to see the whole house MOVE about an inch. 
See that hole?

Yeah, he was down there... he doesn't look happy. 

Tyler picked the fan. I gotta give him credit cause I totally wouldn't have gone for it but sometimes, the husband shows his design skills.  He shares his design expertise when a decision needs to be made AKA Molly hates every fan and starts to whine about the stupid selection of fans at Lowe's.

Now, before I show any pics of the cabinets, they aren't ALL done. But, I don't care because I have cabinets and they make me uber happy, even without counters, doors and drawers.

I was the first out to the house. I had to keep all my emotions in so I didn't scare Greg the cabinet guy (probably the BEST decision I ever made was hiring that man. Heaven sent!) So, I talked to Greg for a little, then went to find what little signal I had to call my mom.

She thought I hated them by the sound of my voice. But I was only ramping up my voice to add drama. I said, "I LOVE MY KITCHEN!" She heard, I dont like my kitchen! hahaha! She totally thought I was crying, but it was more like tears of joy.

Then my dad, sis, and Tyler all showed up. We had a nice little showing of the cabinets and Greg I'm sure thought we were nuts.

These crappy cell phone pics dont do it justice at all. You really have to be there to see how sweeeet it is.

So without further ado, my adorable little kitchen... so far. :D

Love love love my little bookend on the island 
These will have glass fronts
Tyler was already sweeping :)

So there ya have it! 
Here is a little timeline of how far the kitchen has come.

We left for dinner as soon as the rain came and I used this for my umbrella... gotta improvise.

And we celebrated the cabinets coming by eating cookies. That's how we roll. 

 Leave me some comment love if you want! I love seeing them :)


Sunday, May 5, 2013


The cabinets are at the house as we speak and are getting set tomorrow!!!!!!  Shut up, this is real life!

The guys almost finished the hardwood in the living room today. They will move to the guest room this week and then bathroom will be all thats left.  Move in day should be around May 18th!!

Pics coming soon :)