The Hartland: February 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Life Update!

I've been away for sooooo long! I have been meaning to keep this blog up way better than this. I fail.

1st of all I failed this blog challenge so I'm doing the last 3 all at once.. Not that anyone is reading this anyway...

3 Films- first 3 that popped in my head

1. Bridesmaids- too funny

2. The Vow- too romantic

3. Taken- Too real

2 songs

1. Man Down- Rhianna
I just love her style and how different she is. Yes she is a little graphic and kids should NOT listen to her but this song is catchy.

2. Honey bee- Blake Shelton
First of all, Blake is on my list. 2nd, he is hilarious on The Voice. 3rd, this song is so cute and he is such a great singer! Team Blake!

1 Picture

I'll try not to be gone as long next time.

A top 10 coming up in my life that will more than likely become a post...

1. Purchasing THE dress!
2. 6 years with my love= a DIY project
3. 13.1 in Disney with Stacey and Ashley!
4. My 25th B-day
5. Revisiting my 30 to-do's before 30.
6. Lots of DIY projects for my people I promised crafts to earlier this year
7. Wedding stuff- Staying in budget, weight loss & bridesmaid dress shopping!
8. Organization
9. Pinterest. thats all I need to say.
10. Buying a home (maybe?!)