The Hartland: April 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

Read Me: I am filled with awesome. *Picture Heavy*

It is SO hard to blog after being at the house every weekend and night till 10pm. Here are a few weeks combined... kind of a timeline of events if you will.

Sanding and taping of the sunroom windows was one sunny and cold weekend of work for mom and I.

Some of the light fixtures went in which made it really start looking like something :)

Our first blooms of spring... So excited that I can see this out my back window. Pretty pretty!

We had tons of nights like these. They are now, for the most part behind us since it's staying lighter outside. 

Mom and I had a little assembly line going for priming ALL the casing/baseboard/crown molding in the house.

Sometimes mom got stuck in between and did the limbo a time or two...

Then the doors came, I fell in love and haven't stopped staring at them since.

Warning: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...

The hard working hubby trimming out my little kitchen/living window :)

In action shots are the best...

♫ ♩ ♬So we put our hands up like the ceiling cant hold ussssss! ♫ ♩ ♬
Sunroom ceiling is looking good! 

We took the hardwood from the garage, put it into the truck, then into the master bedroom window... this was a job. 

Tyler telling Bill to stop and not ram the house we just built ;)

I thought at this point you might want to see something besides the house. So here is one pretty way to get to the house. 

Ok , now back to the house stuff...This is where I started to get heavily involved. Yes, I've made all the decisions on interior but the guys needed us to spackle and sand holes. Man, I HATE both now. But I like the power tools. Fresh pedicure + power tools= a fun friday night.

Bench seating progress. I just love this little corner :)

Then the bookcases came! Yes! 

Oh man... can't wait to fill those shelves and stuff my face  eat healthy in front of the TV!

Speaking of  the TV...  Here, Tyler is measuring to make sure ours will fit. It's a tight squeeze but it should all work out.

Right and left bookcases with the doors... waiting on the shelves to be painted.

Such a poser ;)

Paint wars break!

We are pretty excited if you can't tell!

But had to put our game faces on and get serious. It's time to light a fire and get this place done!

Back to work we go!

Did I mention that the Master bedroom is painted?? Color is Olivewood by Glidden- Color matched at Lowes for Olympic paint.

So those were the before floor pictures...
We put felt paper down and got to town on the hardwood!

All the hardwood got laid out to mix up colors and pieces. 

My daddy working hard! 

A few hours later and it was finished!

We continued with fixing one more thing under the house. Poor Tyler thought he was done with all that non sense...

and finally... this is where we are as of today! Kitchen color is Woodlawn Snow by Glidden color matched at Lowes for Olympic paint. We will have those ugly primary speckled color tiles covered by wednesday and then maybe by the weekend we will have kitchen cabinets!! 

As always, thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

So fresh & so clean clean!

Hey yall!!

Notice anything different? (hint: title)

We are now going by The Hartland! Since we don't "technically" have a farm, we couldn't say we were going to the farm. So, we thought this was fitting. Plus, when we said we are going home, people were like, "Your parents home or your home?" So, now we say we are heading to The Hartland.

Not only was that changed but the overall layout has. I've really been trying to simplify everything lately. The blog was feeling too confusing and junky so we switched it up a bit.

I love this new layout! So crisp and simple. It's not all finished but for now I wanted to share the transition!

Until next time,

The Harts

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston, Texas & a house update

Before any updates on the house, I wanted to say a word or two about the Boston Marathon tragedy and Waco Texas Explosion.

On Monday I was checking in on the front runners  before I went to do a lunch run with my coworker Monte. I was pulling for Wesley Korir (winner last year from UofL) and of course, following SkinnyRunner to see how she was doing.
On our run, we were chatting about Boston. Monte said he was going to try and get there one year but the had to get through NYC and Chicago before he could race with the "big dogs". Big dogs they are indeed. Some of the strongest/dedicated people I have ever seen. 5-6 minute miles=beast mode.

We finished our run & headed to lift weights. I checked my phone and CNN had sent a notification about who had won the Boston! Well, Wesley didn't win, but way to go Lelisa Desisa. He did it in 2:10:22!

We got lunch, I ate my turkey sandwich and went on with my day. Then Tyler texted me... "Did you hear about Boston Marathon?"

I thought, "yeah they ran it today and Lelisa won.. what more is there to know?" Then it hit me, maybe I should check CNN.

Tyler wouldn't just ask me that... its kinda random.

And there it was. The beginning of the madness. My heart broke. Being a runner, it hit close to home.
The confusion and fear they must have felt. I instantly prayed for all and was glued to news the rest of the day.

Since then, so many bloggers, running stores like Fleet Feet in Louisville and companies like Bondi Band have all started to do something to raise $$ to help Boston. Personally, I sported a race shirt in honor of Boston Tuesday and I did a  2.62 mile run today. I will more than likely order a bondi band to help support financially as well.

Prayers are also with those in Waco Texas. An explosion has killed 35 people as of today and many are still unaccounted for. Yum brands in Dallas I believe have donated Pizzas to as many as they can to help out.

So, if you only do one thing this week, please let it be prayer. These people need all the prayer they can get.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18).

Ok, now on to a small update on the house...

We are actually more ahead of this as of today but this gives you an idea of the progress since day one... I've just been WAY to busy to blog lately. #oops

More to come this weekend!
Thanks for reading :)