The Hartland: 10 Day Blogger Challenge- 5 Foods

Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Day Blogger Challenge- 5 Foods

First of all... Happy Motivation Monday! Go to Tone it Up and check out the challenge for today! I did it and loved it!

Before you look at these pictures, I want to say I'm sorry. Maybe looking at this will give you motivation to NOT eat these things, and go for a jog instead? Looking at it won't make you fat.. no worries. Colleen, if you are reading, I think you know what these pictures are called ;)

Anyway, these are some of my favorites!

1. Sushi- I love the deep fried even though its probably horrible for you!

2. Moe's- I am so obsessed it isn't funny. Tyler and I try to stick to the once a month Moe's trip. We went last week.. so yeah, probably not going to make it to Feb. before our next trip!

3. Chocolate.... yeah, I love it. Actually eating M&M's now.. dang  that isn't on the wedding diet is it?

4. Olive Garden Salad! Yummy stuff right there!

5. Panera Bread Mac & Cheese- It is the best!!  Fattening I'm sure...

I'm SO glad I don't eat this stuff everyday! The lesson for today is just to look at this, drool then walk away. Go grab a carrot or have a protein shake. You will thank me later!

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