The Hartland: 10 day Blog Challenge- 6 places

Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 day Blog Challenge- 6 places

1. Australia- Loved it! I want to go back!!

2. The Grand Canyon- hover round, hover round! but seriously, if I don't go soon, that could be me in the next commercial!

3. The lake.. always fun.. never a dull moment

4. Bora Bora... just once I want to go. Maybe with this Dave Ramsey course, I can make this one possible.

5. WKU- I will forever love this place. I would never pay again for the crappy education I got (wasn't all crap) but I suggest it to everyone for the great times I had and great friends that will forever be there for me... and OPA! True friends I can trust :)

6. Bardstown Ky- such a cute town full of interesting places and nice people. 

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Amber Stanton said...

Super jealous you have been to Australia!!! I was offered the chance to go as a student ambassador for a month but I wasn't able to afford it. I would love to go there someday...but first on the list...ITALY!!