The Hartland: 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

7DSD Day 2 & 3- SALAD!!!!

Day 2  (12/29)

Well, I screwed up. Just gonna come right out and say it first sentence. I missed my bootycall due to being so sore from working hardcore on Tuesday and from the pounding headache that kept me up half the night. Excuses. Yes, I know but its honest. So, I also missed my M1 that was supposed to be the scramble. Its ok though. I grabbed a larbar and  coffee (its growing on me!) and tried to have a good day!

Shannon & I (thanks Panera dude!)
I did well with M2 and was excited for M3 because I got to meet up with my best designer friend Shannon!!!  I cheated, yes but I got a salad and tomato soup + apple. Ate half of everything and saved the apple for M4 back at work.

Fast forward to the end of the day:

As Tyler and Molly were on the way home they were discussing dinner plans. He has zero food in the apartment.
M: "What are you doing about dinner?"
T: " I don't know... No food in the apartment really. You have to eat your stuff right?"
M: "Yeah...Oh mom mom called! I should see what she wants"
Mom: "Daddy and I are up at Hometown, you and Tyler want to come up here?"
M (thinking hard about this): " Well, I guess I could eat a salad."

And scene.

Turning around to head to hometown, I had the idea of a salad in my head. I went in confident. As we walk in, my sweet dad (not knowing about the diet really) has a diet coke waiting for me.

M: "Dad, I can't have diet coke."
Dad: "What why not?!"
M: "I'm on a diet dad. Its a slim down thing. I'll just get a water"
Waitress walks by
Dad: "Excuse me can she have a water? She can't HAVE diet coke"

Thanks Dad. Make it sound like I have a disease or something!

 I ordered a salad with ranch (according to dad, this is Bullitt county and they dont have balsamic vinaigrette) and thought, well this is a good cheat. Better than pizza! Well, I ate two crusts from Tyler's pizza and had a little ranch+ cheese on the salad. Fail. But I didn't feel horrible, just felt like crap for not sticking to it.

I worked out after and made up the time I missed that morning. Ryan kept me motivated :)

Had greek yogurt again before the end of the day. That better be doing some kind of wonder in my belly cause dang, its like forcing a child to take medicine.


Water consumed:70 oz.
Diet coke consumed: 0!
Slip ups: 2 (pizza place and Panera)
Miles: 3 (take that crust!)

Day 3 (12/30)

I missed the booty call again! What is wrong with me?! Argg! Got up late and was frazzled but made sure I had my coffee (thanks MOM!)and grabbed a Larbar. Also, grabbed everything I needed for my meals throughout the day.

Work was fast paced so I didn't get in M2 or M3 (lunch!)  but we were trying to get out of there early for the weekend. We got out about 1 and headed to do some shopping. I was starving by the time we got to Walmart but I had to power through! It was a mad house in there! Ugh, Walmart you are my worst enemy... even more than my growling stomach and will power. Anyway, ended up having my M3 at about 3:00. I was all out of wack! Took a little nap(this never happens) then headed to workout before going to dinner and a movie with friends.

Got in a 30 min run/walk and was feeling a little better about the day.

Side note: Did I mention that 2 trips walking to Kinkos downtown + Walmart walking was counted as my workout from this morning? Well, I'm counting it. That place is a nightmare of a walk to  go get something you forgot like 1/3 less fat cream cheese.

Moving on to dinner. Oh crap, what am I gonna get??!! Salad w/ grilled chicken. Hey, this sounds familiar! Where have I had a salad with chicken lately? Oh yes. at 3:00. Joy. Adding green beans and a bite or two of baked potato (thanks fiance for sharing and making sure no butter touched my part!)helped ease the pain of another bland salad. I got Vinaigrette this time (BAM! Bullitt county is somewhat sophisticated!)

It was hard to see the fried pickles and hot browns coming out for everyone else but I had a little voice telling me to "say no, you've come this far! You are what you eat! Go forth and be  a green bean!" My friends know I'm on this diet now and I got to talk to them a little about it so that helped me stay on track as well. But what was worse was the movie popcorn... the smell. Shew! Thank goodness I at least snuck my water in the theatre and couldn't smell popcorn once I sat down. Sherlock Holmes was a great movie by the way!

Now, I'm here relaxing and blogging to you. Thinking about how tomorrow is day 4 of 7! Yay! Its only gonna get harder because now I have to make mac and cheese and cake pops (healthy recipe.. be on the lookout for it if it all goes well!) for a New Years party and then Sunday is out again with a work outing.

Water consumed: 60 oz.
Diet coke consumed: 0!
Slip ups: a few small ones
Miles: 2 

I now leave you with a little inspiration... who wouldn't want to look like this!?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

7DSD Day 1- Today's Motto: Get over it!

Day 1: 12/28/11
*Out of respect for the Tone It Up girls,  I won't post everything about the 7DSD. I don't want to give out all their secrets... buy the plan and see for yourself ;)

6:15 am- I hit the snooze.

6:25 am- I finally got up mainly because I had a little quote running through my head..."You'll never regret a workout!" I also thought, I have to document this and I don't want to let myself or anyone know I'm a failure! EEK!

6:30am- On the treadmill. Can we say GROGGY with a dash of FOGGY thrown in there? Geez, I am NOT a morning person. I felt like I was sleep walking.

6:40 am- Got over it. Started feeling good!
Well, don't I look chipper?
7:00 am - done with my brisk walk and on to making Meal #1! The Slim Down Scramble.

          Doesn't it look yummy?!

Let's make this bad boy!

8:00 am- headed to work with coffee in hand. Now, I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm a diet coke drinker. This was a hard little hurdle to overcome. So, I  sweetened it with what is allowed and I actually liked it! I hope to make this one of the biggest changes!

Moving on... I drank lots of my water that is required throughout the day, had Meal #2 and was surprisingly not feeling too exhausted from the early walk.

Noon- Meal #3! Not the tastiest but hey, they warn you that it won't be. So yet again, I rolled with it. Mixed green salad with broccoli and balsamic vinegar dressing + a orange.  Done.

Meal #4 was up next and let me tell you I was watching the clock like a MANIAC! When you are a chocoholic, things can get bad after not having any for a day. So, my Think Thin bar was just sitting there starring at me. I was waiting for 4:00 to roll around since I had a late lunch and you really need 2-3 hours in between meals. 3:58.. I'M GOING FOR IT!

ahhhhh, chocolate. Healthy chocolate. Little bites were taken to savor it and I was in heaven for about 10 mins.

6:00- Home and on to my next workout! A good 30 mins walk/run interval and a Tone it Up full body workout.

Meal #5 was a good intention, but I had company at 7:30 and only had a few bites... but they were bites on the slim down plan!

After dinner I literally ate greek yogurt as fast as possible, just to get it down. I do not like it. I'm working on that though.

Overall, not a bad day. Had a slight headache because of the lack of diet coke but thats what happens. Another thing to "get over." Wow, I have to get over a ton before I start seeing results! Here are some stats from the day:

Diet coke consumed: a tiny tiny sip. yeehaw!
Cheats: 2 (a mint  (does that even count?!)and that dang diet coke) pretty good slip ups if you ask me!
Trips to the bathroom: 6- water will do that to ya!
Ounces of water: 80. dannnnnng.
Total miles: 2

See yall tomorrow for my update on Day 2! In the mean time, if you want to start the New Year off right check this out and join in! I'm already signed up and ready to go!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New You!

I strongly believe you can do anything you put your mind to. I did  in high school when I wanted to land that power hurdle back at Florida Nationals. I did at 3 am in the studio at WKU working on that super important project. I did when I finally graduated. And I am doing it now. With my health and well being.

Sometimes people say you can't do it. Some say you need more than yourself to finish or even start something. Well, I'm making myself accountable. Join me won't you? (in Chandler Voice...that's for all you FRIENDS fans) Please, tell me to keep up the good work or tell me to put that cookie down. I won't be mad. I will be grateful. Sometimes people need a little bit of outside motivation. If I don't get any, thats OK. I plan on keeping it up anyway. I can't let this year slip through my fingers. Its the most important one yet.

So, Day #1 of the TONE IT UP 7 Day Slim Down starts tomorrow. I shopped for everything, am preparing my food for tomorrow, taking my measurements and weight and setting the alarm for that 6 am BOOTY CALL! WOOT! Hopefully in 7 days I will have a jump start to a leaner toner me. This slim down is supposed to do just that. Heres hoping for the best! Come back for the results if you dare! :P

If you are interested in TONE IT UP click HERE or on any TONE IT UP on this post and it will take to you everything you need to know. For now, I leave you with the mental picture of me eating my last piece of chocolate and sipping my last diet coke.

 PS- I need some followers yall! This is just sad (Chandler voice again) HA! Gosh I kill myself :)
PSS- like the new layout? Its growing on me.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey there December!

Hey friends!

I am back to give a little update on life since Thanksgiving. Yep, its half way through Decemeber almost. Geez!

1. My fitness challenge has been a little rocky. I have done a few of the runs on their specific days but overall have failed. Is anyone else struggling to get motivated? I know in the back of my head I have PLENTY of motivation. Engagement pictures, 2 bridesmaid dress & a wedding dress to get into and a honeymoon. Yes, some of those are far off, however, the engagement pics are not! We are hoping to get those done within a few more months. That should give me time to get my butt in gear. My plan is to do my BOOTY CALL tomorrow morning to jump-start myself. Check out my motivation below-- The Tone it Up Girls! Love them!
2. Just on a general note... Don’t be a TURD. If you are going to be one, go lay in the grass with the rest of them. I know everyone gets stressed and things bother them more days than others but think about how that affects those around you. I am very easily influenced by my surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I have control over lots of stuff but if someone’s emotional state is sad, I'll prolly end up sad as well. So just think about your actions, and how you come across to others. Whatever you age, act it. Shew, ok glad that is off my chest!
3. Moving on... (No pun intended) We have been on the HUNT for a HOUSE! WOOT! Yep, its craziness! We are sooooo loving the adventure of it all. Its scary and exciting and I'm already pinning a crap ton of ideas for my non existent house ;) But I have some first time home searching tips that I have just randomly thought of if anyone cares ha!
Tip #1: Don't get attached to a house right away, especially if you haven’t seen yet.
-Yep, I did that. It was a HUD home that was a GREAT deal and no wonder I fell in love because it was an open floor plan with much potential. DIY-er DREAM! Well we hurried to get our pre-approval forms in and the second we had them filled out, that baby was gone! Sad sad day for me. I got over it with a little bit of chocolate...
Tip #2: Try your hardest to go during the day!
-Yes, this seems like a kind of a "duh" statement. However, Tyler and I have weekends that are usually packed so we have to do most of our running after work like normal people. Anyway, we went to look at a house that took 45 mins. to get to and by the time we got there it was pitch black. Ugh, winter. Our realtor called to tell us that not only was it the creepiest road she had ever been down, but the creek was flooded and we couldn’t even get to the house to see it. Signs all around that this house wasn’t the one for us.
Tip # 3: Never give up, never surrender.
- Pretty self-explanatory and we are currently using this tip.
That’s all I got on Tips... I'm no expert here ;)
4. Wedding planning.... is rolling along just fine if anyone is interested in knowing! I have 2 projects up my sleeve right now that a few people know about. Crossing my fingers that they are going to be EPIC! ha! More on that later. Until then, check out this awesome DIY wedding that I just find so cute and inspiring. It adds fuel to my fire to keep going with making my wedding completely 100% DIY... well maybe like 80%... but that’s pretty close considering I can't really build my own reception halls or tables ;)

Have a great rest of the week people!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble...Fitness Challenge!


I hope everyone had a very relaxing, fun & full Thanksgiving Weekend! Check out this cutie patootie!
This guy and I had lots of fun. Even though I chased him around and pushed him in his little radio flyer bike, I did not count that as cardio. I let it all go and said to heck with being healthy. Probably not the smartest thing but I'm going to say each of those cakes pops I ate was totally worth it. (See below... I mean, yum) Thanks Unlce J for the 5 extra lbs ;)

With that being said, I have decided that those 5 lbs + the other lbs I want to lose need to go, and FAST! I have too many important things coming up in life to spend them not happy and feeling like crap-ola! Staying in an unhealthy state effects your mind, your mood, skin, hair, nails and the list goes on and on! So here is what's up...

Stacey Marshall and I signed up WAY long ago for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Feb. 26th. That just so happens to be my 25th Birthday weekend! Today marks 90 days till that dang race therefore; I have decided to challenge myself to a 90 day Fitness/Running Challenge. Who's with me?!

There is more than 1 thing I want to accomplish within these 90 days. I've heard it can take anywhere from 21 days to 3 months to make/break a habit so here’s to hoping I can do the following:

1. Break away from the Diet Coke!
2. Make running/Strength Training a weekly thing (following my schedule)
3. Break the after 8:00 snacks/ eating because I'm bored or because its staring at me habit
4. Make healthy choices on food
5. Break the habit of buying food out everyday!
6. Make the habit of drinking 8+ glasses of water a day.
7. Break the habit of being a stress ball/ pessimistic all the time
8. Make the habit of loving myself even if I don't hit every goal.

8 is a good # I suppose. If you want to join me in this fun little challenge, welcome! Comment on my blog with how you are doing, let me know if you need motivation, I'll text you, email you, call you whatever! We all need motivators. Feel free to ask me any questions you have along the way!

So, I leave you with this because I think it sums up this challenge, my weekend and basically everyone can relate!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going to the Chapel...

Well hello there! So glad you have found our little blog!

We are FINALLY getting married yall!! WOOT!

I've waited a very long time to plan the wedding of my dreams to my very best friend. And in an attempt to keep everything organized, friends and family involved/informed and everything we do in the coming months archived, we (I) have decided to start a blog. I know its a long shot as to whether I will keep it up, however, I am going to try so bare with me!

First of all, everyone knows how much I LOVE weddings but hate writing. You may be thinking, well then what they heck is she getting herself into? I understand your concern. Who knows? Maybe with time I will get better at this? So, excuse my grammar. English 300 was NOT my shining moment. Tears did flow. However, it's not about being correct on my blog. It's about having fun and spelllling totaly WronG! ;)

Secondly, I hope that through this little adventure of ours, maybe you'll learn a new craft, laugh about my stupidity or become a super fan (or not, that's fine too) Basically, I just hope you enjoy.