The Hartland: 7DSD Day 2 & 3- SALAD!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

7DSD Day 2 & 3- SALAD!!!!

Day 2  (12/29)

Well, I screwed up. Just gonna come right out and say it first sentence. I missed my bootycall due to being so sore from working hardcore on Tuesday and from the pounding headache that kept me up half the night. Excuses. Yes, I know but its honest. So, I also missed my M1 that was supposed to be the scramble. Its ok though. I grabbed a larbar and  coffee (its growing on me!) and tried to have a good day!

Shannon & I (thanks Panera dude!)
I did well with M2 and was excited for M3 because I got to meet up with my best designer friend Shannon!!!  I cheated, yes but I got a salad and tomato soup + apple. Ate half of everything and saved the apple for M4 back at work.

Fast forward to the end of the day:

As Tyler and Molly were on the way home they were discussing dinner plans. He has zero food in the apartment.
M: "What are you doing about dinner?"
T: " I don't know... No food in the apartment really. You have to eat your stuff right?"
M: "Yeah...Oh mom mom called! I should see what she wants"
Mom: "Daddy and I are up at Hometown, you and Tyler want to come up here?"
M (thinking hard about this): " Well, I guess I could eat a salad."

And scene.

Turning around to head to hometown, I had the idea of a salad in my head. I went in confident. As we walk in, my sweet dad (not knowing about the diet really) has a diet coke waiting for me.

M: "Dad, I can't have diet coke."
Dad: "What why not?!"
M: "I'm on a diet dad. Its a slim down thing. I'll just get a water"
Waitress walks by
Dad: "Excuse me can she have a water? She can't HAVE diet coke"

Thanks Dad. Make it sound like I have a disease or something!

 I ordered a salad with ranch (according to dad, this is Bullitt county and they dont have balsamic vinaigrette) and thought, well this is a good cheat. Better than pizza! Well, I ate two crusts from Tyler's pizza and had a little ranch+ cheese on the salad. Fail. But I didn't feel horrible, just felt like crap for not sticking to it.

I worked out after and made up the time I missed that morning. Ryan kept me motivated :)

Had greek yogurt again before the end of the day. That better be doing some kind of wonder in my belly cause dang, its like forcing a child to take medicine.


Water consumed:70 oz.
Diet coke consumed: 0!
Slip ups: 2 (pizza place and Panera)
Miles: 3 (take that crust!)

Day 3 (12/30)

I missed the booty call again! What is wrong with me?! Argg! Got up late and was frazzled but made sure I had my coffee (thanks MOM!)and grabbed a Larbar. Also, grabbed everything I needed for my meals throughout the day.

Work was fast paced so I didn't get in M2 or M3 (lunch!)  but we were trying to get out of there early for the weekend. We got out about 1 and headed to do some shopping. I was starving by the time we got to Walmart but I had to power through! It was a mad house in there! Ugh, Walmart you are my worst enemy... even more than my growling stomach and will power. Anyway, ended up having my M3 at about 3:00. I was all out of wack! Took a little nap(this never happens) then headed to workout before going to dinner and a movie with friends.

Got in a 30 min run/walk and was feeling a little better about the day.

Side note: Did I mention that 2 trips walking to Kinkos downtown + Walmart walking was counted as my workout from this morning? Well, I'm counting it. That place is a nightmare of a walk to  go get something you forgot like 1/3 less fat cream cheese.

Moving on to dinner. Oh crap, what am I gonna get??!! Salad w/ grilled chicken. Hey, this sounds familiar! Where have I had a salad with chicken lately? Oh yes. at 3:00. Joy. Adding green beans and a bite or two of baked potato (thanks fiance for sharing and making sure no butter touched my part!)helped ease the pain of another bland salad. I got Vinaigrette this time (BAM! Bullitt county is somewhat sophisticated!)

It was hard to see the fried pickles and hot browns coming out for everyone else but I had a little voice telling me to "say no, you've come this far! You are what you eat! Go forth and be  a green bean!" My friends know I'm on this diet now and I got to talk to them a little about it so that helped me stay on track as well. But what was worse was the movie popcorn... the smell. Shew! Thank goodness I at least snuck my water in the theatre and couldn't smell popcorn once I sat down. Sherlock Holmes was a great movie by the way!

Now, I'm here relaxing and blogging to you. Thinking about how tomorrow is day 4 of 7! Yay! Its only gonna get harder because now I have to make mac and cheese and cake pops (healthy recipe.. be on the lookout for it if it all goes well!) for a New Years party and then Sunday is out again with a work outing.

Water consumed: 60 oz.
Diet coke consumed: 0!
Slip ups: a few small ones
Miles: 2 

I now leave you with a little inspiration... who wouldn't want to look like this!?

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TIUJanice said...

Oh Molly, sorry that you had a tough day 2 and 3. Today is a new day and just keep taking baby steps! Hugs!