The Hartland: 10 Day Blog Challenge!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge!

I challenge you blogger friends to a... well Challenge. Yippie!

I saw this challenge on another blogger site (Shaped By Grace) and I thought it sounded fun. It'll keep things interesting at least! So here goes my 10 secrets (wow this may be hard...)

1. I have a slight case of OCD but its only with my hair dryer and straightener. If I have any doubt they are still plugged in, I have to run back upstairs and check.

2. I like to do a little dance when I put something in the microwave. Burns calories PLUS its fun and makes the time go faster for whatever is in there.

3. I want to have twins. One, to get it over with so I don't have to go through all that pain twice and two,, well being a twin has to be totally awesome at times. I want my kids to be awesome.

4. Sometimes, I like to get in bed early, find a show online I've missed (happens all the time now, no thanks to getting rid of DVR) and VEG. yep.

5. I like lists. I have lists every where. Not sure if that is a secret to everyone but just incase you didn't know.

6. I want to sing in front of people one day. Maybe not a solo but singing karaoke will do.

7. When we have kiddos, I want to surprise them with a trip to Disney and get it all on video. That would be awesome for them  to watch later in life.

8. I'm not a great $$ saver. Thinking about taking the Dave Ramsey course to get a new outlook on things.

9. I like trashy TV shows. There I said it.

10. I once stole a book from HQ (remember that place?!) when I was like 5 because I thought it was a free book on how to plant flowers. Whoops! 

Shew, that WAS hard. Knowing me, I will think of 100 better secrets this week and be mad I didn't spend more time sharing the juicy ones. 


Amy Miller said...

Sis you are so silly! I want to create a blog ! I will tell ya about what in private;)

Savannah said...

Love these secrets! I'm OBSESSED with twins (and larger multiples) so lets have some together. :)