The Hartland: March 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the hunt...

So Tyler and I have been on the hunt for a place to land our happily married little lives. It has been fun but also harder than we thought! Every time we found something online, we would book a showing, get there and not have that feeling. We looked at about 5 before we found one we really thought we liked last week. This was the only one we looked at twice, so I was excited! Of course, me being me, I started daydreaming about what I could do to the space (even though there were quite a few updates to it already). I remember coming across this site while on my daydream kick :

My Colortopia

I used this photo found here

I added it to the finder, followed the directions and wa-la! You can select the whole pic if you want but can also zero in on a space with your favorite colors. I like how it doesn't give you the EXACT colors in the picture. My friends, it doesn't have to be all matchy matchy :)

I love the pistachio!!!!

 And why not do a PUG one too?!

This is Violet... she her other pics here
Perfect site for finding inspiring colors!
How neat?! Go check it out and find that color for your new diggs yo!

Ok back to the house I was chatting about... after playing on Colortopia & surfing many home decor/renovation blogs, I got off cloud 9 and came back to reality. My mom & dad went to look at the property with us. They didn't seem to impressed. When daddy knows, daddy knows even though I was kinda bummed. He pointed out the house had settled and it would have been a hard resale with that and the yard that went straight uphill. Totally not what we had imagined. I mean our #1 thing is to make sure there is room for a volley court (not really, but really) and this house didn't have that. I really dont think of the long term when I look at houses, I just get giddy about the inside. Thats the designer in me I suppose. So anyway, today we looked on our realtors site under our favorites and learned this house had been taken off the market. Guess it wasn't meant to be! Hopefully we will find "the one" soon. We will keep ya posted! Until then, I'll just keep house dreaming!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm back!!!!

I've been a little out of commission lately with running. The night before my 1/2 marathon the outside of my foot was aching but I couldn't really do much about it and sucked it up anyway. After, I was a mess! Felt like I was in the Nutty Professor.. "you walkin' over here but you gonna be limpin' back!" 

100% truth. 

So anyway, I toyed with the idea of going to the podiatrist because for about 2 weeks after that run, it hurt every morning I woke up and off and on throughout the day. I stayed off of it for a while and it magically stopped hurting. Well, I should add, after many massages from my boo and propping them up at night, it stopped. I did google all of this and I think I had some stress fractures? They must have been tiny b/c so far I'm feeling good after some miles this weekend and Pure Barre. ( I went all alone...@ 8am...on a Saturday... that's dedication people!)

This weekend I decided to kick it back into high gear for my  "lets fit into that wedding dress/look good in engagement photos" plan. I did a lot of this:

ahhhh pretty day!
Rose colored glasses... 

I read in Allure to poke a hole in your bottle so you dont create wrinkles around the mouth.. never can start too early!
cool dude hanging out in the sun
ready to run!
Red face after!
 And I also did a lot of this:

Ice Ice baby!
Best salsa on the planet!
Roody was exhausted too
cuddle time with roody man!
I ALSO had a fun weekend with my momma doing lots of wedding stuff... more on that later!! Until then here is my wish list of crap I want/need. I got to thinking about it the other day when laundry was piling up and I had nothing left to wear for my runs... Buy if you must... I also need more socks!

 1. Garmin Forerunner 110
2. Pure Barre Shirt.. I just think this is cute.. not necessary
3. Active pants from Target
4. Under Armour Shorts
5. Victoria Secret Workout Top
6. Asics shoes

Any suggestions on good running socks? I have asics ones I love but they seem to disappear in the wash... I'll be reviewing some products soon too so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Part 3!

It's on to part 3 people! Lots of pics coming your way!
At this point we starting seeing some interesting stuff on the route! I had to stop and do a photo bomb with my fellow villains.. Cruela Deville was there somewhere.. She was the best one! 
On to the next mile... finally past a 5k! We could see the light... well the sunlight. *PS- don't  pay attention to the time on the clock, not our actual time :)

And how cute are those signs?! They had one at every mile. We didn't stop to take a pic with one till a little later.

That chick is super excited to be at mile 4.
It started to feel like a really nice, easy run once we got into the parks.. we also started seeing some interesting people along the way... Still trying to figure out who Sasha Fierce was dressed up as down below. I passed him and said "You look great!" with a thumbs up his way. And oh my goodness I wish I would have asked to get a picture from the front. He totally bedazzled the crap outta his face. Rhinestones galore. Man, I'm regretting not getting a pic for yall. It was epic.

In the park yo!

Go on with your bad self!
And then we finally turned the corner at what I think was mile 5/5.5 to see a huge crowd cheering us on and the one and only Cinderella's Castle. AHHH! Exactly what we have been waiting for. Stacey and I were totally geeked and picked up the pace so we could get there already!

Running on Main St. Disney.. SO EXCITING!

Gotta get a pic! Thanks random dude :)
People were in awe... no one is actually running
 Of course we had to get individual photos with the castle itself and the trash can. I swear it moved on me when I was next to it. I saw a video once where they had people in them to freak guests out. Candid camera was there. I was convinced.

Aw, Stacey looks so good with the castle!

Our path to the castle took us through the back side of the park. We stopped to get a photo with Stitch's Great Escape for Stacey because of her cute puppy stitch! I then looked to my left after this and realized people were no dummies.. they were using the nice clean park bathroom! *Note to self for next time. No more porta potty parties for me!

 We rounded some corners and ran smack dab into the Little Mermaid. We were so in our element! Yay for fun picture opportunities!

              It was finally time for the CASTLE! Stopping to take a few in action posed shots. You can imagine the crowd around this area but surprisingly, we got a clear shot!
What? This is how I run...

Stacey actually running.
Under the castle & chick touchin' her booty.

We got a professional photo with the castle then went on for the rest of the race.. To be honest, they didn't have as much stuff along the roads as I thought they would. It was about 3/4 mile of nothing then you might see something like this CARS character + a DJ. Still fun though. Notice the Porta Party in the background. Always a good prop.

Then we hit this sign! And guess what was playing? Anyone? WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER! Thanks Kelly Clarkson for getting us through the half way mark! 

Up next for our musical entertainment... a bunch of hot men in suits that were singing (I think) Your Just Too Good To Be True. They kept saying things like "I love you!" "please don't go!" "We could be perfect together!" It was too funny/cute so we had to stop. Plus it was right after a water stop so, why not?

"Ok, I love you!"

Lilo and Stitch! 

he is trying to find his princess.. look @ that crown!
This guy in his full prince gear was crackin' me UP! So are the women behind him. Power walking to the extreme!

Accordion players... Way cute. 

My fav Disney movie! Again, ignore the time clock & potties.

Stacey and I are really good at photo bombing people. It was our specialty. Thanks to the wonderful lady who stopped to take part in our bombing fiasco.
Oh hey Jack Sparrow/Johnny. Sorry we couldn't stop to chat/kiss ;)

Jack Sparrow was at about mile 9/10. That tells you that we didn't take another picture till almost the end because we were near death & well, my battery was running low. There was one sharp corner we turned with a climb up an overpass and let me tell you, we were feeling it. Our feet hurt so bad.. pretty sure there was blood in my shoes.  WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER! Thanks again Kelly.

We finally made it into Epcot & heard tons of people saying "You are almost there! keep it up!! 1/2 mile to go!!" Along the way we saw plenty of awesome spectators. I saw a sign that said, "That's not sweat, its liquid awesome!"  However, my favorite one was a lady holding up a sign that said 'Hey total stranger, I AM PROUD OF YOU! I told her thanks for supporting as I ran past. It totally kept me going for that last little bit! So great to see others care. Seeing the finish was exhilarating. People were everywhere cheering! Stacey and I sprinted once we saw it and prolly beat another 30 people in the process. We were already running on stubs anyway, so why not? But in the end, all of the craziness was worth the 13.1 miles. A great experience :)
Us in front of the ball! woot!

I would totally do another run at Disney! It was very organized , fun and exciting. Only thing I hated was the price (no it did not include tickets to the park)

Do you think you will do a Disney run in the future (minus all the airport debocals and such we had)? Did you like our outfits? Anyone have tips on how to keep my feet from falling off? Was all this super boring to you?  Let me know. Feed back appreciated folks! Have a happy day!
It was a beautiful day in KY so I went running with friends! What did you do?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Part 2!

2:30am came very quickly for Stacey and I. We got all character-d up, I painted my hair white (Ursula) while Stacey made sure her shells were in place (Ariel) and we headed over to the cafe area for our 3:00 bagels. Too bad there were NO bagels till 3:30! Totally thought we were gonna miss our bus and not get to run. ooooh the drama.  ;)

Here we are with our "runners box"  right in the front of the bus ready to go go go!

We made our way to the parks where there was some walking to do. The buses dropped us off way far away from our tents and it was a cold cold walk. But there is always time to snap a few photos on the way! 
Our shadows even look cold
Stacey lookin' all awake in front of the ball!

 After getting a pretty good warm up with all the walking, we entered the "party" zone!  There was a DJ who was SUPER pumped we were all there. I was just SUPER cold but it was neat to have him there to get us going. There were also a crap ton of porta potties.. no pun intended. Wouldn't be a party zone without em!

Party at 4am 

Corral G= Gangsta, Gorgeous, Great!
 On our journey to our starting line, we met a few ladies. We learned one had started a blog and facebook page to bring a big group of women from all over the US to train & eventually run races together! Pretty cool! If you wanna check her out, follow her blog by clicking------> Tips from the Disney Diva 

She took a picture for us and then we took one together since she was a Ursula too!! She was the only other one I saw the whole time!

We stood around for a while since the first Corral went off at 5:45. Ours was scheduled for 6:25. Sheww!!! The send off to  a glorious 13.1 went a little something like this...

Everyone got one of those when they started so we all felt special. Our corral did a little YMCA and OH MICKEY YOUR SO FINE! dancing before we started. Too much fun for 6:30 a.m. I'm tellin' ya. The fairy Godmother was there to sprinkle some  of her good luck dust and wave her fancy wand towards us for special dont break your ankle magic. True story. 

Bibbity bobbity boo, 3...2...1! GO! 
SKIRRRRRRT... we weren't going anywhere. That first mile was super crowded. As it always seems to be. I mean 19,000 people broken up into 8 corrals= still lots of people per corral. So the first couple miles were just another warm up really. Around mile 3 (I think) we were feeling good but paused to take this sweet photo...

I look ridiculous. 
A park! Finally! We had to run lots of back roads and sidewalks before we saw anything worth taking a picture of. All we wanted to do was get to mile 5/6! Thats where the good stuff was! And since its about my bed time, I will make this 3 parts. The anticipation is killing you I know
... to be continued.