The Hartland: April 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rug,table & wreath-DONE!

Hi, how yall doin'?!
It's been a while since I posted.. #sorrynotsorry #kindasorry #apparentlyihavereaders #thankssororitysistersforreading! Ok, enough hash tags cause that's a little annoying.. but do secretly love them.

Anyway, we have actually gotten some stuff done around here! Surprised? Yeah, me too. Here we go!


If any of you talk to me on the regular, you know I have been  whining  wanting a rug to complete our living room for about 6 months (we have been in the house a year almost! WHAT?!) We've always had more important things to pay for like those things called bills, propane and loans. fun. However, one weekend after a pay day we went to World Market and scored the one I had been eyeing for $139.99 (World Market member {woot!} scored me $10 off!). It's an 7x9 jute rug that actually feels pretty good on bare feet. (please disregard the mess!)

I think it makes the room more cozy. I love my floors but goodness it sounded like a warehouse without any sound buffer. Its still not perfect in there, but we are making progress. I have a list going for every room in the are the main things I still want to add to the living room:

1. Sofa table with some basket storage-- maybe a DIY
2. Coffee table that my dad and I will DIY (kind of like this)
3. A new couch (I really would love a sectional. I don't LOVE my couch, I just like it)
4. I gotta do something on that "entry wall" below, but I'm fresh out of ideas...

5. Turn current coffee table into a bench for under the window, extra seating
6. Screen for the fire place
7. Hang art, like everywhere.
8. Paint the back of the front door (yes its still ugly...)

Our next project... the $5 Goodwill coffee table Tyler has had since he moved here 3+ years ago...

The before:
And June posing with the old table on her 1 year birthday :)

This is just temporary but the top was so beat up (see above) I couldn't look at it anymore. It's a nice little upgrade for the space. 

On to the next completed project--- a wreath!

I love having a wreath up year round. I worked on a cupcake liner wreath with my mom a few weekends back and its was so cute...

However, moms are always right when they say "it shouldn't stay outside cause it will warp when the first rain comes through..." womp womp. Next year, I'll do it again and leave it inside. So, I created another spring wreath after that failed. I took it outside on the front porch and enjoyed the day and my little project.. love days where I can do that! #mykindoffun

another hash tag.. sorry.

My finished DIY wreath that is lasting the rain storms:

Hope you all enjoyed the updates! Let me know what you think!

I'll be back with a few more posts this week :)