The Hartland: February 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Chalk Painted Kitchen Table

The Annie Sloan brand of Chalk Paint has been swirling around the internet on many blogs & Pinterest for quite some time...It looked easy enough for me to do, so I took on the challenge.
My $30 Craigslist table was dying for a makeover!
See ugly photo below:

With Chalk paint, you don't have to prep your furniture beforehand (like sanding). However, our table had a bum leg and a few huge knicks on the sides that needed wood filler, so I had to sand those.. but that was it for prep!

Since my chairs were from another kitchen table set, the wood color wasn't the same as the table.

So, in order for the darker to show through when you sand for the distressed look, I put on a thick layer of French Linen around every "corner/edge" of the chairs. A little goes a long way so I got a tiny sample of that color.

Drying time was fairly quick! Next, I put on the first coat of Pure White. Since my chairs had spindles I found it quite hard to get in between and keep it stroke free but the second layer covers up most of that.

And some progress photos ...

Sorry for the poor quality photos, but I wanted to document the process. 
After all the coats were dry (about 2 on each) all I did was sand it down to my "distressed" liking. The last step was to apply the wax to everything. This helps seal everything in. Also, a little goes a long way with the step too. I have wax for dayyyys. Too bad it doesnt work on eyebrows. Bummer.

 I went over the table top a few times since that will be the most used area. 
We used it for a Friendsgiving meal and it did just fine!

So, anyway...

I'm just now getting around to snapping some better photos of the finished product... Enjoy!

Let me know what you think! We love it :) 

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