The Hartland: September 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The one where we finally painted the bathroom...

Well, we finished the bathroom last month but I never blogged about it. Big surprise right?

Anyway, it took us a few days to sand, tape off and finish touch ups but its all done now!

Behold, the bathroom... with no artwork ;)
Also, check out these shelves we made with old scaffold boards.
Mom & I totally thought this would be awesome (typical). Dad, not so much. He just couldn't understand why we wanted old nasty boards. It's rustic Dad.  Trust me it will look fine. And it does! yippie!!
Detail shot... what what!
Now, I need some baskets for the toilet area and something for that massive wall behind the massive tub.

Any suggestions?

Some ideas from others include:

1. Shelving for towels/soaps etc.
2. A hanging ladder from the ceiling (think outside the box, er, tub)
3. Plain ol big artwork

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I have some fun posts coming up for September:

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Bookcase rearrange
Painting the Garage
Front porch revamp
Backdoor Color
Master Bedroom Progress
Spice organization
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Maybe by writing these out, I will actually blog about them! ;) Stay Tuned!