The Hartland: About Us

About Us

We met second semester (2006) at WKU in Mr. Bohuski’s Astronomy Class via Sam Todorich (we owe ya 1... or 2!) Actually, he saw me that first semester in a History class we had together. He said he thought I was cute but too "snobby" to approach. Now, how do you come off as snobby when you haven't even talked? I never got that. Oh well. Anyway, long story short... after some friendly flirting (writing on hands and passing notes at work) we got together...

Wait! How did he ask me out? Well, so glad you asked... it was via AIM (remember that thing?!) and I made him wait a week before I answered! But obviously it worked out and he didn't go for some other chicky while he waited for my response.

Fast forward 7 years later... We got married on October 27th 2012 and could not be happier! We are each others best friends and are so excited for our newest  adventure in house remodeling!