The Hartland: November 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble...Fitness Challenge!


I hope everyone had a very relaxing, fun & full Thanksgiving Weekend! Check out this cutie patootie!
This guy and I had lots of fun. Even though I chased him around and pushed him in his little radio flyer bike, I did not count that as cardio. I let it all go and said to heck with being healthy. Probably not the smartest thing but I'm going to say each of those cakes pops I ate was totally worth it. (See below... I mean, yum) Thanks Unlce J for the 5 extra lbs ;)

With that being said, I have decided that those 5 lbs + the other lbs I want to lose need to go, and FAST! I have too many important things coming up in life to spend them not happy and feeling like crap-ola! Staying in an unhealthy state effects your mind, your mood, skin, hair, nails and the list goes on and on! So here is what's up...

Stacey Marshall and I signed up WAY long ago for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Feb. 26th. That just so happens to be my 25th Birthday weekend! Today marks 90 days till that dang race therefore; I have decided to challenge myself to a 90 day Fitness/Running Challenge. Who's with me?!

There is more than 1 thing I want to accomplish within these 90 days. I've heard it can take anywhere from 21 days to 3 months to make/break a habit so here’s to hoping I can do the following:

1. Break away from the Diet Coke!
2. Make running/Strength Training a weekly thing (following my schedule)
3. Break the after 8:00 snacks/ eating because I'm bored or because its staring at me habit
4. Make healthy choices on food
5. Break the habit of buying food out everyday!
6. Make the habit of drinking 8+ glasses of water a day.
7. Break the habit of being a stress ball/ pessimistic all the time
8. Make the habit of loving myself even if I don't hit every goal.

8 is a good # I suppose. If you want to join me in this fun little challenge, welcome! Comment on my blog with how you are doing, let me know if you need motivation, I'll text you, email you, call you whatever! We all need motivators. Feel free to ask me any questions you have along the way!

So, I leave you with this because I think it sums up this challenge, my weekend and basically everyone can relate!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going to the Chapel...

Well hello there! So glad you have found our little blog!

We are FINALLY getting married yall!! WOOT!

I've waited a very long time to plan the wedding of my dreams to my very best friend. And in an attempt to keep everything organized, friends and family involved/informed and everything we do in the coming months archived, we (I) have decided to start a blog. I know its a long shot as to whether I will keep it up, however, I am going to try so bare with me!

First of all, everyone knows how much I LOVE weddings but hate writing. You may be thinking, well then what they heck is she getting herself into? I understand your concern. Who knows? Maybe with time I will get better at this? So, excuse my grammar. English 300 was NOT my shining moment. Tears did flow. However, it's not about being correct on my blog. It's about having fun and spelllling totaly WronG! ;)

Secondly, I hope that through this little adventure of ours, maybe you'll learn a new craft, laugh about my stupidity or become a super fan (or not, that's fine too) Basically, I just hope you enjoy.