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Thursday, January 5, 2012

7DSD: The Results Are In!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Results time!

*Big Long Pause*

"Let's go to commercial break..."

Ok, this isn't American Idol, but man do I feel accomplished like one!  First of all let me say, this slim down was a definite challenge. I had to go out to eat more than once, watch people put juicy sandwiches in their mouths and say no a bunch of times... a BUNCH. However, I think it was totally worth it for lots of reasons. Here is why:

1. People asked me about how I was doing and it made me accountable. Plus, I got to share healthy tips and help others in their road to being healthy.

2. I learned how to say no. It's hard but do-able. Anyone that thinks they can't say no and survive, you can. If I can pass on Diet coke more than I can count, you can too!

3. In saying no, it lead me to making healthier choices. I was obligated in many ways. People may have been waiting for me to fail and that pushed me more to say no. I wasn't going to have it! You can do anything for 7 days!

4. I learned how to eat the right things at the right times. The 7 day slim down is a jump start or bounce back plan to get a fresh start. Thats exactly what it was for me! This slim down this isnt what you should always follow however its a good starting point for maintenance. Example: no carbs after lunch. Not hard really if you have your fill at noon and then forget about it. So, I made a lean dinner instead of steamed veggies and chicken.

5. I am always thinking of what is healthy to eat when I go to the fridge. I no longer grab the most unhealthy thing. Sometimes I want to though. Still tough but do-able.

6. I learned that it is ok to cheat. Cheating on something so new to you is going to happen. You do it, get mad for doing it and then do better next time. Don't throw in the towel just for one screw up ok?

7. Packing lunch and making healthy meals isn't that big a deal. I used to get so lazy about this stuff. If you are gonna make dinner or pack unhealthy, it takes just as much time. Preparation is key here people!

AH, enough babble! I learned some stuff obviously. So on to the results.

I measured and weighed and in 7 days lost... 4.9lbs! That is WITH cheats people!

My measurements are what really threw me for a loop. Things were fitting better by day 4 and it kept my motivation up. So when I measured on the last day I was surprised.

Waist: - 1.25"
 Abs: -.5"
Thigh: -.5"
Hips: -.5"
Arms: -.5"

Craziness... although I think my waist was mostly bloat that went down from the sodium I used to consume, but still!!

So there ya have it! My firs 7DSD! And I continue to follow the healthy Tone It Up lifestyle and I love it!! Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

See you all this weekend for a  healthy cake pop recipe & a WEDDING UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!

see hint below :)

Auf Wiedersehen!


Amanda said...

That's super wonderful Molly! I'm not motivated enough to give up Diet Coke ;) Although if I did I may give up all other horrific things I eat as well.

Savannah said...

CONGRATS on your progress!!! I'm so inspired by your committment to make healthy decisions.

Two of Harts said...

Thanks girls! I've fallen off the wagon again this weekend but I'm starting back strong again at 6am with my morning 30 min workout! :D