The Hartland: March 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We'll just paint it!

This weekend, we finished priming all the walls for paint! Our good friend from church, Mike, gifted us the painting of our house for a wedding present. So, while we are working during the day, he will be out there plugging away :)

Today we took the guys lunch and took a few shots of the progress...

New porch light we scored fo freeeee

American Gothic remodel style
 Tyler has been coming home giving me a glimpse into the future. He looks good gray. Hope he doesn't go bald ;)

check out those eyebrows!

bench seating is coming along!
 Below is where Tyler will serve me luxurious meals as I sit and watch all the shows I record on the DVR.

Hey, a girl can dream right??

Here I'm standing in the kitchen looking down the hallway into our master bedroom. 

Uncle and dad working hard

more silliness...

New garage door!

Paint is labeled and ready to go!

What were you up to this weekend?

Anyone else spend a crazy amount of hours at Lowes?


Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap up & WALLS!

Hi there--

What a week it has been!! Last weekend was crazy, so this weekend I'm chilling out as much as possible. It's about to get super busy around here!

Lets recap last weekend...

The afternoon was filled with helping a coworker that had food poisoning... Apparently it was fish from a sushi place. Thats all I'm saying. ICK! Bless her heart!

My friend Beth came in for the Triple Crown of Running round 2. We ate at Moe's and watched the WKU vs. Kansas game at casa de Ritter. We only watched till half time because we had to get up at 6am!

Saturday went a little something like this:

7:45-8- Walk 1.5 miles to the start (oops! Beth and I forgot the start wasnt at the same place as last time)
8am- RUN!

coming around Cave Hill Cemetery

Creepy Chef that startled us on our walk to the start

9:30- walked to the car which was at the finish (yay! ) with our goodies (panera bagels for the win!)
10:00- 12:00 Trader Joes/ World Market/ Off Broadway Shoes

Table love at World Market!

12:00-1:00- Jason's Deli for lunch
1:00-2:00 Target-- cute table & spring baby clothes alert! (cannot get over that little jacket!)

2:00- Headed to the house to see the WALLS!
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Kitchen bench seating

3:30- Headed back to shower, nap and get ready for....
5:30-7:00 Bowling to help raise money for Brookes brother
7:00- 10:00- Irish Rover with Beth and Rebecca (and her little growing baby yay!), then to the Pie Kitchen, of course!

Irish Rover
love this place!
Then finally, I slept like a ROCK.

Sunday we churched it up! They played this song... love it! Then we had lunch at Hometown. Later, Beth headed home with all her chocolate from Trader Joes and I did 2 weeks full of laundry!

I'm VERY blessed I have the time and energy to do weekends like this.

More to come on the house progress soon!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kitchen Plans

After going through what seems like a million people to get a good cabinet bid we finally have a cabinet maker yall!

Staying in budget has been the hardest part of this whole remodel (its true what they say, so don't take it lightly!) And with our kitchen being sort of massive for a small home, we had to go over budget in order to fill it up. Lowes and Home Depot (even though I love both for everything else they supply) was coming in at OVER $10,000 for cabinets that weren't even what I wanted.  Aint nobody got time OR money for that!

So, we branched out to a few people off craigslist, a guy that would NEVER email or call back and an amish guy. I knew he would be expensive because they do beautiful work fast  (I thought I'd get lucky) But, no such luck. Finally, we found a guy through a church friend that has done cabinets forever. He came to look at the space and came up with exactly what I wanted! Not only did he keep it in budget but will also do a farmhouse sink cabinet for no extra charge. I heart him.

Here is our basic layout 
Base cabinets
Upper Cabinets/Open shelving

We have a little bit of everything going on here. Pantry, bookshelf on the end of the island, open shelving etc. So pumped.

A few inspirational pics I found for the kitchen helped me make some decisions this last weekend about colors, tile and countertops. I only hope my kitchen turns out as a cute as these.




Basically we are doing white cabinets, subway tile and black countertops. I also have big plans that include using a pop of red & chalkboard paint!!

Drywall goes up this week!! It's starting to feel like a real house now :)

Stay tuned !

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