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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wouldn't you like to know?

Hey guys!

I failed this week at pretty much everything.  Blogging, working out, eating right etc. Let me just give you this little bit of advice... Don't try to: start a slim down, quit diet coke cold turkey (migraines!), plan a bridal shower, look at 3 houses, work full time, ride the crimson wave, figure out clothing for a photo shoot, exercise and pull your back out all at the same time. I'm sure you wanted to know all that. It  just hasn't been my best week yall! So, now I'll  try to update you on life minus all this craziness.

Wonderful Wednesday hasn't been super wonderful, however, it's the only night this week we have successfully been home before 6 and ate dinner before 8 9 or 10 o'clock at night. I can't even imagine having children at this moment. Life would be nuts. Maybe I need a new plan on how to tackle all this? I'm just totally exhausted after work. Then get a 2nd wind (right about now) Oh glory. But really I shouldn't complain because I'm still breathing and have a roof over my head/clothes and food.

Anywho, this weekend may possibly rock my face off. We are throwing my best good friend Brenda a bridal shower and I am stoked to celebrate her marriage to Mr. T... hehe, she will kill me for that one! Love you Brenda Boo!! Below is her invite I created. I will post pics of the shower after this weekend :)

So that is one reason this weekend will be fun. Another reason is, we are finally getting our engagement pictures taken! No big deal, we just waited 1/2 a year to do them! oh well, better late than never. I seriously cannot WAIT to do them. I have some great props and ideas in my head but the location will probably get me all giddy/teary eyed. Can you guess where they are going to be taken? Leave me a guess in the comments and I just may tell you! Bribery to get more comments/views to the blog? nah... on another note,  I'm very anxious about my makeup/hair/wardrobe. I just am not good at doing those things right all at once. we will see what happens! Stay tuned :)

On to the exercise portion of the day. Its HUMPS day so do something good for ya booty! Try this Tone It Up workout... I still gotta go do mine!! 

Also, I got my paint on a few weekends ago. I had a craft itch... 
Finished product COMING SOON!


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Savannah said...

I LOVE the invitation - so fun! Enjoy your great weekend ahead! :)