The Hartland: Wednesday Pick Me Up!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Pick Me Up!

I've decided that I want to do a Wednesday pick me up! Anything that motivates, inspires or is funny, I will try and post. Since it's the middle of the week, I figured everyone could use a little push to make it to the weekend! So here is #1!

Everyone has a gift, so use yours.

Confucius said if you choose a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Finding your calling, what you're passionate about, will open a door of enjoyment in life that not even being debt-free can unlock.

Everyone has a gift for doing something productive. Find yours.

Finding your purpose in life has two benefits. One, you love your work. The second comes with working hard at something you enjoy. You want to go to work and do well at it, and that translates into more recognition, better pay, promotions and excellence spilling over into other areas of your life. Your marriage, relationships, spiritual walk... everything gets better.

Your calling is out there. Better find it.


 Pretty much the smartest man I have ever listened to!  He knows his stuff. Go check him out!

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