The Hartland: Weekend get away & Motivational Monday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend get away & Motivational Monday!

Hey hey! I was out this weekend visting the future in-laws and treasure hunting for the wedding! So, no saturday or sunday posts happened. Plus, my phone decided it was time for summer and dived into some water to cool off. I felt so lost without my oxygen iPhone, so nothing got updated. Sorry! Anyway, see all the fun we had below :)

my boyfriend Max :)

anyone need a mermaid? I think we should put her at the wedding somewhere...

my cute fiance at the junk store

fat cat at one of our stops


Oh no, YOU can have a Coke!

group pic!

Wedding project... Price: FREE!
Also, today is Motivational Monday! Hop, jump or skip over (it burns more calories that way) to TONE IT UP for the bikini challenge! Join  in so we can keep eachother accountable!!

Peace out!

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