The Hartland: 6+ years!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6+ years!

I'm a little late on the 6 year anniversary post. So yay! We've been together forever!

If anyone is interested, I made Tyler a little keepsake I saw on Pinterest a long time ago.  I created somewhat the same thing for  Valentine's Day one year but it was shorter than this list and in a picture frame.

Inspiration: Found here

And here goes my version...

Supplies needed:
 1 deck of playing cards (old or new or whatever is around the house)
2 binder rings (found mine at Target)
1 Pack of labels (more than 52 needed!)
1 hole punch
1 Printer & Ink!
1 ruler (to line up the holes)
Fancy scissors(my labels were too long for the cards so I used lace edge scissors)

After you come up with 52 reasons, print them on some labels. If you are having a hard time coming up with those last few reasons, just think of everything! Add some funny, romantic, random stuff in there. Only things you all would know! 
If you want you can add a picture too...I added a picture only on the first card.

I suggest  punching holes through it all first, then one at a time, add it to the rings. I didn't have the best hole punch so mine was a little off but thats what makes it homemade! ;)

Final product!! 

I also got him an old newspaper found at an antique store in Louisville. Pretty cool.

The opening begins....

I think he liked it :)

Happy Anniversary to us... yippie!

After he gave me some pretty flowers, he took me to a surprise dinner where I have always wanted to eat! P.F.Changs!! 

It was so good and worth every penny! Look at that freakin dessert! And our fortunes weren't bad either... See the double 27's? Yep, lucky #!

bad iphone pic, but we liked the horse

So there ya have it. We keep it pretty simple around here. Livin' on love....


Amy Bailey said...

Love the lucky 27s with your wedding day the 27th! What luck! Also love the newspaper...I'm obsessed with the kennedys. Always enjoy reading your posts

Two of Harts said...

It has been my favorite # forever! Our anniversary is a 27 as well so it's all coming full circle! Thanks for reading.. I enjoy yours too!