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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing catch up

First of all let me tell you my new idea for this blog:

I want to designate a subject for each day of the week. That way I will feel more obligated to post. After all, I'm gonna look back at this one day and wonder what the heck  I did in my 20's every single day. ha.

These may change as life changes and I will have a few random things throw in too, but right now here is the plan:

Run-day Sunday- Exercise things/weekly workout summary etc
Motivation Monday- motivational posters, stories, quotes
Tempting Tuesday- yummy food ideas, pictures to drool at etc.
Wonderful Wednesday- anything I believe is wonderful
Truthful Thursday- I'm gonna tell you the truth about some things ;)
Funny Friday-  jokes/ funny stories
Simply Saturday- easy going posts, anything simple including quick easy diy ideas, tips etc.

So without further ado, here is Run-day Sunday and Motivation Monday to catch us up for this week!

 Workouts this week:

SELF Magazines Drop 10 cards
Total weekly miles: 14(4/1-4/8)

From SELF magazine

I stumbled upon great thing this weekend while on my run. Since I usually go with someone on a run, I don't listen to music. This weekend I was by myself and I didn't want to be bored so, I opened Pandora and searched "workout" and found a GREAT station! It also works with my Map My Run app too! I have this app set up to talk to me every 3 mins with an update on average pace, time and speed which will play over the music on Pandora. It was the perfect set up! Everyone should try this combo out!

Here is some Monday Motivation that you may have needed yesterday (or today) but hey, I'm busy so you aren't getting me at my best . I'll do better next time!!

This speaks for anything in your life!


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