The Hartland: 7DSD Day 1- Today's Motto: Get over it!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

7DSD Day 1- Today's Motto: Get over it!

Day 1: 12/28/11
*Out of respect for the Tone It Up girls,  I won't post everything about the 7DSD. I don't want to give out all their secrets... buy the plan and see for yourself ;)

6:15 am- I hit the snooze.

6:25 am- I finally got up mainly because I had a little quote running through my head..."You'll never regret a workout!" I also thought, I have to document this and I don't want to let myself or anyone know I'm a failure! EEK!

6:30am- On the treadmill. Can we say GROGGY with a dash of FOGGY thrown in there? Geez, I am NOT a morning person. I felt like I was sleep walking.

6:40 am- Got over it. Started feeling good!
Well, don't I look chipper?
7:00 am - done with my brisk walk and on to making Meal #1! The Slim Down Scramble.

          Doesn't it look yummy?!

Let's make this bad boy!

8:00 am- headed to work with coffee in hand. Now, I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm a diet coke drinker. This was a hard little hurdle to overcome. So, I  sweetened it with what is allowed and I actually liked it! I hope to make this one of the biggest changes!

Moving on... I drank lots of my water that is required throughout the day, had Meal #2 and was surprisingly not feeling too exhausted from the early walk.

Noon- Meal #3! Not the tastiest but hey, they warn you that it won't be. So yet again, I rolled with it. Mixed green salad with broccoli and balsamic vinegar dressing + a orange.  Done.

Meal #4 was up next and let me tell you I was watching the clock like a MANIAC! When you are a chocoholic, things can get bad after not having any for a day. So, my Think Thin bar was just sitting there starring at me. I was waiting for 4:00 to roll around since I had a late lunch and you really need 2-3 hours in between meals. 3:58.. I'M GOING FOR IT!

ahhhhh, chocolate. Healthy chocolate. Little bites were taken to savor it and I was in heaven for about 10 mins.

6:00- Home and on to my next workout! A good 30 mins walk/run interval and a Tone it Up full body workout.

Meal #5 was a good intention, but I had company at 7:30 and only had a few bites... but they were bites on the slim down plan!

After dinner I literally ate greek yogurt as fast as possible, just to get it down. I do not like it. I'm working on that though.

Overall, not a bad day. Had a slight headache because of the lack of diet coke but thats what happens. Another thing to "get over." Wow, I have to get over a ton before I start seeing results! Here are some stats from the day:

Diet coke consumed: a tiny tiny sip. yeehaw!
Cheats: 2 (a mint  (does that even count?!)and that dang diet coke) pretty good slip ups if you ask me!
Trips to the bathroom: 6- water will do that to ya!
Ounces of water: 80. dannnnnng.
Total miles: 2

See yall tomorrow for my update on Day 2! In the mean time, if you want to start the New Year off right check this out and join in! I'm already signed up and ready to go!



Sue Calvert said...

Good job Molly! Keep it up. You may inspire me to work harder to cut the sweets.

Savannah said...

Love this recap - keep them coming! Good luck with day 2!

Two of Harts said...

Thanks guys! :D

TIUJanice said...

Good job Molls! What you can do for the headaches is to drink more water and add in Green Tea with Stevia. My challenge will be the bread of any sort because I LOVE sandwiches!

Another thing wanted to remind you that it's ok to have slip ups, try to save them for your rewards. Being that diet coke has been your source of caffeine for so long, be gentle with yourself because you're doing this for you not for us!

My plan is Sunday as my day 1!