The Hartland: Hey there December!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey there December!

Hey friends!

I am back to give a little update on life since Thanksgiving. Yep, its half way through Decemeber almost. Geez!

1. My fitness challenge has been a little rocky. I have done a few of the runs on their specific days but overall have failed. Is anyone else struggling to get motivated? I know in the back of my head I have PLENTY of motivation. Engagement pictures, 2 bridesmaid dress & a wedding dress to get into and a honeymoon. Yes, some of those are far off, however, the engagement pics are not! We are hoping to get those done within a few more months. That should give me time to get my butt in gear. My plan is to do my BOOTY CALL tomorrow morning to jump-start myself. Check out my motivation below-- The Tone it Up Girls! Love them!
2. Just on a general note... Don’t be a TURD. If you are going to be one, go lay in the grass with the rest of them. I know everyone gets stressed and things bother them more days than others but think about how that affects those around you. I am very easily influenced by my surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, I have control over lots of stuff but if someone’s emotional state is sad, I'll prolly end up sad as well. So just think about your actions, and how you come across to others. Whatever you age, act it. Shew, ok glad that is off my chest!
3. Moving on... (No pun intended) We have been on the HUNT for a HOUSE! WOOT! Yep, its craziness! We are sooooo loving the adventure of it all. Its scary and exciting and I'm already pinning a crap ton of ideas for my non existent house ;) But I have some first time home searching tips that I have just randomly thought of if anyone cares ha!
Tip #1: Don't get attached to a house right away, especially if you haven’t seen yet.
-Yep, I did that. It was a HUD home that was a GREAT deal and no wonder I fell in love because it was an open floor plan with much potential. DIY-er DREAM! Well we hurried to get our pre-approval forms in and the second we had them filled out, that baby was gone! Sad sad day for me. I got over it with a little bit of chocolate...
Tip #2: Try your hardest to go during the day!
-Yes, this seems like a kind of a "duh" statement. However, Tyler and I have weekends that are usually packed so we have to do most of our running after work like normal people. Anyway, we went to look at a house that took 45 mins. to get to and by the time we got there it was pitch black. Ugh, winter. Our realtor called to tell us that not only was it the creepiest road she had ever been down, but the creek was flooded and we couldn’t even get to the house to see it. Signs all around that this house wasn’t the one for us.
Tip # 3: Never give up, never surrender.
- Pretty self-explanatory and we are currently using this tip.
That’s all I got on Tips... I'm no expert here ;)
4. Wedding planning.... is rolling along just fine if anyone is interested in knowing! I have 2 projects up my sleeve right now that a few people know about. Crossing my fingers that they are going to be EPIC! ha! More on that later. Until then, check out this awesome DIY wedding that I just find so cute and inspiring. It adds fuel to my fire to keep going with making my wedding completely 100% DIY... well maybe like 80%... but that’s pretty close considering I can't really build my own reception halls or tables ;)

Have a great rest of the week people!!

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CJA said...

oh girl the SAME thing happened with me on a HUD!! EHHH I had no clue you had a blog! YAY! congrats on being a Hart!! :)