The Hartland: New Year, New You!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New You!

I strongly believe you can do anything you put your mind to. I did  in high school when I wanted to land that power hurdle back at Florida Nationals. I did at 3 am in the studio at WKU working on that super important project. I did when I finally graduated. And I am doing it now. With my health and well being.

Sometimes people say you can't do it. Some say you need more than yourself to finish or even start something. Well, I'm making myself accountable. Join me won't you? (in Chandler Voice...that's for all you FRIENDS fans) Please, tell me to keep up the good work or tell me to put that cookie down. I won't be mad. I will be grateful. Sometimes people need a little bit of outside motivation. If I don't get any, thats OK. I plan on keeping it up anyway. I can't let this year slip through my fingers. Its the most important one yet.

So, Day #1 of the TONE IT UP 7 Day Slim Down starts tomorrow. I shopped for everything, am preparing my food for tomorrow, taking my measurements and weight and setting the alarm for that 6 am BOOTY CALL! WOOT! Hopefully in 7 days I will have a jump start to a leaner toner me. This slim down is supposed to do just that. Heres hoping for the best! Come back for the results if you dare! :P

If you are interested in TONE IT UP click HERE or on any TONE IT UP on this post and it will take to you everything you need to know. For now, I leave you with the mental picture of me eating my last piece of chocolate and sipping my last diet coke.

 PS- I need some followers yall! This is just sad (Chandler voice again) HA! Gosh I kill myself :)
PSS- like the new layout? Its growing on me.



Amanda said...

I do like the layout. Fancy. You can handle the tone up lady! I need to do so myself and as I take a step forward I take several back as well. But, I keep trying. I'll get it eventually! Good luck lady!

Savannah said...

Love your plan! You go girl! Can't wait to see your progress. :)

TIUJanice said...

Hey thanks for finding me..did you find this on TIU facebook page? Love your layout too, would like to change mine and add some widgets that you have..especially the workout ones!

Love you 7 day Slim Down grocery pile, I will be going New Years day most likely after a great feast of lobster, clam chowder, shrimp and sugar free cheese cake!

Good luck Mollz! So glad to meet you and the others!