The Hartland: Week 16 Bump-date!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 16 Bump-date!

Welcome to another week of pregnancy fun.. that sure flew by! So much so, I am behind.. sorry about that!
Let's dig into what happened...

How far along? Week 16, 4.23-4.30
How big is baby? About the size of a turnip! 
Total weight gain/loss? Friday April 29th was a check up for me. And I am back down to pre pregnancy weight, so I stand at zero weight gained/lost. Doc said no worries, this happens.. the baby is like a piranha and will take everything from you so, he/she be taking that weight gain! ;) 
Maternity clothes? They are literally my best friend. I need more.. time to go shopping again! 

Sleep? I wish I could sleep like my pug, but I still wake up kind of tossing and turning.
Best moment this week? Seeing my long distance BFF! We went to Franklin TN for a couples trip and it was amazing minus the rain :( 

Worst moment this week? Throwing up at the Apple Barn in Gatlinburg last weekend & then getting some sort of head cold/congestion this weekend. Come on now! 
Symptoms? I'm feeling overall better minus the above statement
Food cravings? Nothing really!
Food aversions? Same as last week.
Gender? I still say boy.. we find out in 3 weeks!
Belly button in or out? In 
What I miss?  My sissy :(
What I'm looking forward to? Planning this gender reveal over the next few weeks.. its going to be so fun! 
Weird dreams of the week: I have had zero (that I can remember) this week!
Baby Items Purchased? YES! I got a Butter onesie at Paula Deen's last week! Isn't it adorable?! haha!!

Daddy thoughts:
Do you think Boy or Girl? 
Girl (we were thinking the same till now!)

What do you want to accomplish before baby arrives? 
Getting this house looking like something!

What are you looking forward to?
Havin' a pretty baby... basically seeing what the baby looks like.

Any other thoughts for Week 16? 
This cheesecake is good.

With love and cheesecake...

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