The Hartland: Week 15 Bump-date!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week 15 Bump-date!

Hello Friends!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that read my last post. Your comments, prayers and real life hugs meant so much.  I miss my sister dearly and its an everyday struggle but its comforting to know I have that special memory with her & she is watching over us. That keeps me going when thinking about baby :)

I wanted to start blogging again when we found out about Baby Hart. I've always enjoyed reading these posts from other bloggers and its a fun way to "journal" this experience. I wish I would have started it sooner but the past is the past (Tony Malito voice.. anyone? Bueller?) Anyway...

I'm starting now! So, here is the first Bump-date for all who are curious!

All updates will run Saturday to Saturday for a full week of fun ;)

How far along? Week 15, 4.16-4.23
How big is baby? 4 inches long, the size of an Avocado! 
Total weight gain/loss? Lets start at the beginning shall we? From the 8 week appt. to the 12 week appt. I lost 2lbs but I weighed on 4.16 & I am up 4, so +2 (I'll take it!)
Maternity clothes? It's a mix.. skirts and dresses will be my friend I'm finding out...
Sleep? I'm sleeping well but some nights I wake up to go to the bathroom or switch sides cause I haven't moved all night (not like me!) 
Best moment this week? Finally getting a bump picture taken.. I'm a slacker haha! But for real, getting out and walking with my friend Sarah and landscaping.. felt good to move again since I've been so lethargic lately. 
Symptoms? Mild all day nausea and some heartburn at night
Food cravings? I don't really crave anything to the point of I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW but Mac and Cheese always sounds good. And Purple Cow PB Chocolate Ice cream from Mejier, that is always good too.
Food aversions? The smell of coffee brewing and bacon.. I know, what the heck kid?!  Oh and the spice Cumin.. GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!

Gender? We will know in May, but the whole family thinks Girl, about 3% of those polled think Boy! 
Belly button in or out? In for now
What I miss?  Pizza & beer combo, unlimited Diet Coke and volleyball summer league :( 
What I'm looking forward to? All nausea going away (wishful thinking right?) and finding out the gender!

Weird dreams of the week: 
  • One of my friends was in a very scary psych ward (who? I will never tell! mmwahaha!)
  • I lost my grandmothers dog Sophie on Hurstbourne Ln.(super busy road in Louisville) and while looking for her, I ran into a posh millionaire that had 10 pugs. 
  • Went on a trip to Australia with my Mother in Law and did lots of rock climbing and it turned into a game show where we battled eachother to win the golden monkey (say whhhhaaa??)
Pregnancy is weird.. I can never remember dreams! 

Baby Items Purchased? None yet! But started to add things to a registry, Wowzers, some of the things they have these days! 

Ok, enough about me! What about the other part of this baby duo? I wanted hubs to chime in every week so we have memories of his thoughts too.. surprisingly he agreed. This could get interesting. Here is what he had to say this week...

Daddy thoughts:
Are you having any sympathy cravings? 
No but I do help you eat pickles..

Anything you are surprised by so far with pregnancy?
Like who doesn't love bacon anymore?! And I never thought you'd drink that much orange juice.

You made a human, how do you feel about that? Successful. 

Any other thoughts for Week 15?
Week 15 means I'm hearing lots of complaints about clothes not fitting... 

Haha what a good sport. Simple nice words for now... ;)

So there ya have it, Week 15 in a nut shell.

Did anyone have the same food aversions I did? 
Early guesses on gender?
Did you have weird dreams that you vividly remember? 

Share your stories in the comments :) 

See ya next week!


peggy ferry said... well if I figured correctly according to this fun little sheet you are gonna have a little boy - its been right more than its been wrong ....either way he or she will be much loved

Margie Lyon said...

I guess boy! I love this blog by the way! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us! -Margie

Beth Stinson said...

Love the bump-date! Those dreams are too funny! Can't wait to hear more about lil Hart, especially the gender!