The Hartland: Happy New Year!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here's to another year to getting it right, living it up and changing your life forever! I'm all about resolutions. Yes, tons of resolutions are broken every year but isn't that the challenge of it? Being at war with ourselves to beat the you from last year? Challenge accepted. 

I have a few resolutions in mind for myself. I probably won't 100% complete them and that's ok. I'm cool with that. So, I'm getting all mine out there for some accountability along the way.

Here goes:

A few weeks ago I posted this on Facebook: New Years resolution: simplify and routine.

And that's what I intend to do with the following...

1. Be more routine about this thing called a blog.

I realize I really suck at this. I suck at writing, I don't know HTML to make my blog look super cool and I most certainly can't take a picture half the time to save my life. BUT, I want to get better at all of this. 

2. More routine with Exercise & Nutrition

I have already ran 15.7 miles this year! I'm 7 days in and I'm feeling great! Totally had a rest day today though and took full advantage...whoops! Back at it tomorrow. 

I am following what I think is Fitness Magazines 8 weeks to a 1/2 marathon (found on pinterest) and it's going well so far. As of right now, I'm not doing a half, but I am doing the Triple Crown so this will get me ready for all of that come March. I also have my trusty TONE IT UP ladies I follow for strength training and nutrition .They have fun challenges and prize to win so check it out!! 

3. Simplify my life overall

I get sooo bogged down with saying yes to everything, collecting everything and jam packing my day with, you guessed it, everything! I want to take time to simplify my life. Starting with my closet. Oh goodness, what a mess. Makes my mind hurt which then stresses me out. Plus with moving into the house soon (virtually crossing fingers!) I don't want to bring any unwanted CRAP that we don't need. I want a fresh start in a fresh home. I already told Tyler he has to throw out some old boxers. Sorry dude, they gotta go!

4. Work on my dream

More to come on this but for now, I want to solidify my plan for my side business :)

5. Read through the Bible with Dr. Billy Compton and the rest of  my FBC family

This has always been a goal of mine. Ready to do it this year!!

6. And these...

And I would totally have more but like my #3 says, I need to quit taking on a million things, including resolutions.

What are some of your resolutions? 

Do you think resolutions are dumb and uncalled for?

Ever stuck with one for the whole year!?



Amber Stanton said...

Love the new layout molly :) I am actually working on redesigning my website right kudos to you! I am also reading the bible this year...I'm almost half way through! I'm still in the Old Testament so it gets confusing at times, but I'm learning a lot about myself which was the goal in the first place. Keep it up! We will both accomplish big things this year! :)

Savannah said...

Love the new look of your blog AND your resolutions! I'm excited you are doing the triple crown! Good luck with your fresh start in 2013!