The Hartland: A November to Remember!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A November to Remember!

After the honeymoon, we settled into the little RV and I got my craft on... 

meanwhile, the boys got to work on the porch poles... 
Oh yes, back off ladies, he is alllll mine! ;)

Ah, much better pose there, Mr. Hart 

Anyway, check out the awesome new poles!!
Then we moved to the ever so exciting portion of the home makeover... SIDING! 

We had some help from my cool Uncle Steve! Here you see he is having way too much fun getting the bubbles out of the tube. We had to push the air bubbles out, put food coloring in so we could see the water, then use it to level the siding.
My Aunt Cheryl helped too! Check out her awesome work boots  :)

In progress shots of the siding...
 How many men does it take to level siding? Four it seems...

And the finished siding (accompanied by brick around the poles)!! 

Let's take a trip down memory lane and see what we started with shall we?

So, what do you think so far?

I'm working on picking a color for the front door. We have black shutters so I'm all over Pinterest and Houzz trying to find inspiration. 

Until next time...

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Brandi said...

Such a huge difference from what your house looked like before. That's awesome that you have so many friends and family helping rebuild your home. Good luck with the progress. I'm sure it will be gorgeous once you're through.