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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something New

I've started something new and I am in LOVE. It's called Project Life. Basically it's scrap-booking without really scrap booking. Unlike traditional full 12x12 blank pages, these are different designs with pre cut pockets so you can easily slip in say, a 3x4 card, add a little something to it and move on.You can do it week by week(what I chose) or do a whole book of one life event or really whatever you like. It gives you the freedom and simplicity to feel like you have a hold on documenting life.

I decided I was going to get into this around the second week of January and I ordered the Cobalt Edition on Amazon to get started. At first I was super excited when it got here and then realized I didn't much care for the colors in that certain edition. Don't know what I was thinking...Oh well, live and learn.

So, after hitting up Michaels, Walmart (they had cute things surprisingly) Hobby Lobby & my moms scrap-tacular craft room, I got a few more add ons and organized before I started. Oh ,and pinterest had a million free printablse so naturally I 'liked' a million of them and saved some in a folder for later.

Ok enough jibber jabber. 2013 Project Life layouts coming at ya! Week 1-3 (LOTS of pics.. sorry!)

Cover Page

Week 1
Started my running plan and had brunch with some of the cheer gals... Love that we still get together all the time!

Week 2 & 3
Lots of randoms going on...
shopping, house, haircuts, movies and running. Oh and that is Gator the dog in that photo below! How cute is he? He is Sarah's grandpas dog she's been watching if anyone is wondering. They don't have two fur babies yet ;)

Week 3 continued...
My favorite of all so far. Look at my cute nephews!! :)

I am so looking forward to seeing how life progresses over the next 49ish weeks of 2013!

Thanks for reading!

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Savannah said...

I've heard so many good things about Project Life and think you are really going to enjoy this "faster" style of scrapbooking! Love that our cheer lunch made one of the first pages!