The Hartland: Week 25 Bump- date

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 25 Bump- date

So, it's been 5 weeks since I last updated you all on Baby Hart! Life has been crazy busy & I apologize for the lack of posting. Not sorry for living life, but sad I've missed some weeks.. anyway, we will get back on track!

Since the last post, we have found out the gender! We had a gender reveal party and it was so much fun! Our theme was AKs or Ballets and we (or Tyler ha!) shot an explosive target that was surrounded by chalk that we made ourselves. Check out some of our photos below to see Boy or Girl! 

 And the official bump pic with his name <3

Where we are now.. 

How far along? 25 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby? Size of a Prairie dog! About 2 lbs.
Total weight gain/loss? I've gained a total of  6 lbs so far.
Maternity clothes? Anytime I can wear Maternity I do... but still rocking some regular jeans but that's only because finding maternity jeans that are flattering really stinks. Maybe I should start my own line so women don't have to be miserable.  Maybe call it Momma Rabbits.. Right Dad? haha family joke.. moving on... 
Sleep? Last time I said it was time for one of those pillows.. and I still don't have one lol I'm not sleeping bad though.
Best moment this week so far? Constantly feeling the kicks just makes me happy.  
Worst moment? Personally, we lost a coworker last week so it was a bad week. Pregnancy wise, pulled a muscle in my upper stomach and oh my goodness, thought Corbin was coming out of my side! Terrified me. 

Symptoms? Just feel BLAH sometimes. 
Food cravings? Lately, I've had lots of ice cream and I'm not tired of it yet! 
Food aversions? Nothing really.
Gender? Little BOY
Belly button in or out? In 
What I miss? Looking normal. I love having the bump but when people stare at it constantly, its like, YES I KNOW I'M PREGNANT, STOP STARING! 
What I'm looking forward to? Getting Corbin's room set up.. I've been collecting things here and there so I'm ready to get started. 
Weird dreams of the week: Oh no big deal, Tyler just LEFT my side during labor & missed the whole thing! His excuse in the dream was he wanted to go talk to family in the waiting room. Nope, you better stay by my side boy or there will be consequences! 
Baby Items Purchased? Again, I have not purchased anything for him these last few weeks but he is getting spoiled by others already!

Daddy thoughts:

On a scale of 1-10 how nervous are you about the delivery room?


What are you most excited to teach Corbin?
How to shoot and how to treat his mommy well.

Best moment for you last week?
Visiting family and having friends over for some shooting fun


How did you reveal the gender of your baby?
Anyone out there have a great place to find maternity pants?

Interested in how we made the chalk for our reveal? Post coming soon!


1 comment:

Rachael H said...

I had good luck w/pants at the maternity store out at the Outlets - I feel like I spent more on them than I would normal pants. The key w/maternity pants is to make sure they go fully over your belly and the top of them rest by the bottom of your bra line.

But I also lived in leggings. I had some good luck at baby consignment stores finding long maternity tops that I could pair w/leggings.