The Hartland: 28 week Bump-date!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

28 week Bump-date!

Well folks, I am officially in the 3rd Trimester!! Is it just me or is this flying by? I'm starting to have the nervous sweats... eek!! 

Saturday, July 16 marked the start of 28 weeks... 


Since our last blog post, we have taken our baby-moon to Asheville,NC. It was an amazing 3 nights away from everything! I may just blog about it for others that may want to go. We are no experts on the area but man, we were impressed with everything we did that it may be helpful to someone what wants to venture that way soon!

And now, this is where we are today... 

How far along? 29 weeks, 1 day
How big is baby? The size of a PINEAPPLE .. wow! Weighing in at almost 3lbs and close to 16" long. 
Total weight gain/loss? Up 11lbs!
Maternity clothes? Needing to find long maxi dresses cause I'm getting really tired of putting on pants ! And if we are being honest, putting on clothes in general... ;) 
Sleep? I am sleeping AWESOME thanks to my Lavender and Peace and Calming blend in my diffuser.  Also, doctor recommended I stuff pillows behind me so I don't roll over on my back too much cause I was waking up that way. This can cut off the important blood flow to baby with all the weight on the vena cava vein. 
Best moment this week so far? We got the crib up and my friends threw Corbin his first shower and it was so fun!

Worst moment? I had 6 blood draws this week at the doctor. I should have results tomorrow on my glucose test and another test (liver enzymes and blood count). They are just making sure all is good so I'm fine with that even though the constant visits to the doc are no fun.
Symptoms? Feeling full and the usual growing pains. Also, had some nasty fire breathing heartburn.. like afraid to open my mouth cause I may burn someone heartburn... can you imagine? #newmomsuperpower?
Food cravings? All the unhealthy stuff.. of course.
Food aversions? I'm not a big fan of protein, usually at dinner time. Odd.
Belly button in or out? It's still in but I'm giving it 2 weeks max. ;) 
What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach is pretty high on the what I miss scale.
What I'm looking forward to? Making my list of to dos before he gets here! Yeah I know I'm a lame planner and I love lists haha! 10ish weeks is just not that far away! I gotta get on it!! 
Weird dreams of the week: I haven't had any lately that I can remember. Honestly can't remember anything these days... #pregnancybrain 
Baby Items Purchased? All the people in my life are certainly taking care of the baby items being purchased so far. I'm sure I'll be using my weekends soon to get the big things though (stroller, car seat, diaper bag etc.)

Daddy thoughts:

What do you think about your child being the size of a pineapple already?

Are you ready to change some diapers?
I have no idea what I'm doing...

What are you doing to prepare for Corbin's arrival?
Not trying to stress out!

Does anyone swear by those pregnancy pillows or is that a waste of $$?

Anyone know of good summer clothing sales for those maxi dresses I'm trying to find?

Thinking of making freezer meals before he arrives.. anyone do this and recommend it? Any recipes you want to share?

Leave me some advice in the comments! :)

Thanks for stopping by!



Rebecca A. said...

Please do a separate post about your Asheville trip!

Anonymous said...

Gordmans has a lot of maxi dresses.