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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the hunt...

So Tyler and I have been on the hunt for a place to land our happily married little lives. It has been fun but also harder than we thought! Every time we found something online, we would book a showing, get there and not have that feeling. We looked at about 5 before we found one we really thought we liked last week. This was the only one we looked at twice, so I was excited! Of course, me being me, I started daydreaming about what I could do to the space (even though there were quite a few updates to it already). I remember coming across this site while on my daydream kick :

My Colortopia

I used this photo found here

I added it to the finder, followed the directions and wa-la! You can select the whole pic if you want but can also zero in on a space with your favorite colors. I like how it doesn't give you the EXACT colors in the picture. My friends, it doesn't have to be all matchy matchy :)

I love the pistachio!!!!

 And why not do a PUG one too?!

This is Violet... she her other pics here
Perfect site for finding inspiring colors!
How neat?! Go check it out and find that color for your new diggs yo!

Ok back to the house I was chatting about... after playing on Colortopia & surfing many home decor/renovation blogs, I got off cloud 9 and came back to reality. My mom & dad went to look at the property with us. They didn't seem to impressed. When daddy knows, daddy knows even though I was kinda bummed. He pointed out the house had settled and it would have been a hard resale with that and the yard that went straight uphill. Totally not what we had imagined. I mean our #1 thing is to make sure there is room for a volley court (not really, but really) and this house didn't have that. I really dont think of the long term when I look at houses, I just get giddy about the inside. Thats the designer in me I suppose. So anyway, today we looked on our realtors site under our favorites and learned this house had been taken off the market. Guess it wasn't meant to be! Hopefully we will find "the one" soon. We will keep ya posted! Until then, I'll just keep house dreaming!

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