The Hartland: Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Part 2!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Part 2!

2:30am came very quickly for Stacey and I. We got all character-d up, I painted my hair white (Ursula) while Stacey made sure her shells were in place (Ariel) and we headed over to the cafe area for our 3:00 bagels. Too bad there were NO bagels till 3:30! Totally thought we were gonna miss our bus and not get to run. ooooh the drama.  ;)

Here we are with our "runners box"  right in the front of the bus ready to go go go!

We made our way to the parks where there was some walking to do. The buses dropped us off way far away from our tents and it was a cold cold walk. But there is always time to snap a few photos on the way! 
Our shadows even look cold
Stacey lookin' all awake in front of the ball!

 After getting a pretty good warm up with all the walking, we entered the "party" zone!  There was a DJ who was SUPER pumped we were all there. I was just SUPER cold but it was neat to have him there to get us going. There were also a crap ton of porta potties.. no pun intended. Wouldn't be a party zone without em!

Party at 4am 

Corral G= Gangsta, Gorgeous, Great!
 On our journey to our starting line, we met a few ladies. We learned one had started a blog and facebook page to bring a big group of women from all over the US to train & eventually run races together! Pretty cool! If you wanna check her out, follow her blog by clicking------> Tips from the Disney Diva 

She took a picture for us and then we took one together since she was a Ursula too!! She was the only other one I saw the whole time!

We stood around for a while since the first Corral went off at 5:45. Ours was scheduled for 6:25. Sheww!!! The send off to  a glorious 13.1 went a little something like this...

Everyone got one of those when they started so we all felt special. Our corral did a little YMCA and OH MICKEY YOUR SO FINE! dancing before we started. Too much fun for 6:30 a.m. I'm tellin' ya. The fairy Godmother was there to sprinkle some  of her good luck dust and wave her fancy wand towards us for special dont break your ankle magic. True story. 

Bibbity bobbity boo, 3...2...1! GO! 
SKIRRRRRRT... we weren't going anywhere. That first mile was super crowded. As it always seems to be. I mean 19,000 people broken up into 8 corrals= still lots of people per corral. So the first couple miles were just another warm up really. Around mile 3 (I think) we were feeling good but paused to take this sweet photo...

I look ridiculous. 
A park! Finally! We had to run lots of back roads and sidewalks before we saw anything worth taking a picture of. All we wanted to do was get to mile 5/6! Thats where the good stuff was! And since its about my bed time, I will make this 3 parts. The anticipation is killing you I know
... to be continued.


Amber Stanton said...

Love it! I am super jealous you had the opportunity and drive to do this. You are far more motivated than myself, who lets be honest...has been lacking lately! And I must say..your alls outfits are beyond adorable.
Oh, and I'd kill for your upper arms too :)

It seems like a ridiculously fun time to be had! Can't wait for part 3 :)

Two of Harts said...

Amber, you need to do these races! I think you would love them!! And let me tell you.. I do NOTHING for my arms.. I think I look like a line backer. But thanks for the compliment! WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER! OMG, we are horrible at this.. ;)

Savannah said...

I am SO inspired! Adding this race to my bucket list - so fun!!