The Hartland: 35 Week Bump-Date!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

35 Week Bump-Date!

I know I know.. its been a while since I've posted an update. We've had some crazy ups and downs (literally) with my blood pressure so I've not really been up to posting much. Since the last bump date, we have had two hospital stays, been put on meds and have been on bed rest. Not exactly how I thought these last weeks would go but we are counting our blessings that Corbin has been ok through all of this. 

So, here we are at past 35 weeks! Time for an update...

How far along? 35 weeks, 3 days
How big is baby? The size of a bunch of Carrots. Weighing in at almost 5-6 lbs but we know that Corbin is on the smaller side. 
Total weight gain/loss? Total gain as of today... 21lbs! 
Maternity clothes? Bed rest has me in PJ's 24/7 so nothing new in the actual clothes department but this my "going to my Tuesday Dr. Appointment " look. 

Sleep? HA! What is sleep? I've had an AWFUL pinched nerve since being on bed rest at 32 weeks.. so I sleep in 4 hr increments, get up, massage my inflamed neck for a bit, scroll Instagram and then head back to sleep if I can.  Prepping myself for baby I suppose. 
Symptoms? neck pain is still alive and well unfortunately. Also, he is kicking me in the bladder all the time. That is as fun as it sounds ;) 
Food cravings?  Breakfast foods, cheese and fruity stuff (Mike and Ikes & sour worms!)
Food aversions? Nothing really 
Best moment this week so far? We finished the nursery! Details coming to the blog soon! Here is a sneak peek...
Worst moment? Well, staying in the hospital sucked but it was worse hearing your baby isn't growing like he should. Because of the high blood pressure it was constricting some growth on his end. All is good now though. He will just be small! 
Belly button in or out?  IN! Totally thought it was on its way out but its hanging in there. 
What I miss? Feeling like myself... ready to get back to a new normal.
What I'm looking forward to? Just having a healthy little guy at this point.
Weird dreams of the week: I had a weird one but I can't remember it now! 
Baby Items Purchased? We have everything we need now! I have returned a few things and finished up his nursery stuff so I will count that towards baby items purchased :)

On another note, Corbin has been breech for the last 3/4 weeks. So, if he doesn't turn, we will end up having a c-section. Basically, they will not attempt to turn him because of my high blood pressure so, it is what it is. Anyone have any advice on having a c-section or things to know before it all happens? I'm just super anxious about it all! Not the way I thought my first child would come into this world but I know that God has a plan! 

Daddy thoughts:
35 weeks... not much longer.. how are you feeling?
It's getting real.. I'm in disbelief! 

If you could do one more thing before Corbin comes, what would it be?
Spend more time with my babe.

What is you overall thoughts on the pregnancy journey?
Crazy how fast this has gone. And surprised by the early due date he will have!

What have you learned?
I learned that I don't care for staying in a hospital overnight! 

That is all for now.. thanks for stopping by!


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