The Hartland: Master Bedroom/Gallery Wall Update

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Master Bedroom/Gallery Wall Update

A while back I shared a instagram photo of a bunch of frames on the floor.. begging to be nailed to our master bedroom wall. 

I'm finally getting around to sharing our process and
 we hope you enjoy the end result as much as we do! 

First, I laid out all the frames on the ground in front of our dresser (that we scored on Craigslist!) After I had all the frames where I wanted, I cut newspaper the size of all the frames and taped them to the wall in the pattern I had laid on the floor. 

With a little tweaking here and there, some second guessing and lots of hunting Pinterest for last min ideas, I was ready to hang. I rescued Tyler from a game of Call of Duty
 and we got to leveling/hanging! 

Like the H we hung up? That was from our wedding :)
Oh, and sorry for the poor lighting.. we were doing this at night and my iPhone 
was the only thing handy.

I don't know who this guy is but it made the mundane task of taping
 newspaper on the wall a little more fun.

So, side note. Not sure what I've shared about the curtains in our room but here they are.  They are from Ikea (the Vivan panel) Also, we hung up more art in the frames there on the side. I filled two $2 frames from a flea market with our little guest hearts that people filled out at our wedding :)

And now back to the gallery wall!

Most of the frames I had collected over time. The horseshoe came from a friends wedding, the keys & tin tray (painted with chalkboard paint) are from Kalvin Kennets in Monticello KY and some of the others were wedding gifts.

We used a combination of small picture hanging hardware/nails and 3m Velcro. It didn't take very long to complete and it was fairly easy! Since the above photo, 
I have changed the chalk board to this:

And I plan on doing some sort of art on the white canvas in case you were wondering what in the world that was all about..

So, there ya have it! Gallery wall complete. 

Shout out to Honey Heart Photography for my beautiful wedding photos that I finally did something with! You guys rock! 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 
Thanks for reading :)


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