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Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

So, lots of bloggers do a "Friday Faves" post and I'm tots jumping on that bandwagon. I enjoy reading theirs & learning new things.. and hope people will enjoy mine! Lets see how many Fridays I will keep this up.. hardy har har!

Since I've been doing a fair amount of running lately (hello Triple Crown!), I will dedicate this Friday to some fun running/workout type things...

1. This post had me cracking up.. I've been known to do a few of these... but not the poo or pee one (thankfully!)

2. If you want to get into running, this is a good place to start!

3. I got a kettle bell for my birthday and I love it! Target has a good variety if you want one :)

4. I really need a place for all my bibs and medals.. Currently they are in the coat closet, in the back seat of Tyler's car and prolly a few still at my moms house... So, I'm kinda sorta loving the idea of one of these:

 Bib Holder

5. I have a 10Miler on the 22nd, a 5k on the 30th (pending...) and a Mini Marathon on April 19th so someone please show up with an awesome sign like one of these..... 

It will make my year.

Happy Friday yall! Have a wonderful weekend!! :D


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