The Hartland: A post about socks & stools...

Monday, February 11, 2013

A post about socks & stools...

Oh man, you know you are getting old when you get uber excited about buying socks and finding stools for your kitchen.

First of all, I've gotten 5 pairs of socks in the mail in the last 2 weeks. Judge all you want. Tyler thinks I'm nuts anyway.

My 1st sock order was for Key Socks and O.M.G., best things ever invented... where have these been all my life?! Wish I would have invented these babies!

They are perfect with flats! No more slipping off and they keep your tootsies & your legs warm! Woo hoo!!

Go get ya a pair! Or 4 like I did...

My 2nd sock order was a Pro Compression one. I've been drooling over these for quite sometime now. SkinnyRunner had a coupon code for 40% off good through January on all black socks. Duh, I would have been stupid NOT to buy them!
Happy very early Birthday to me! I've used them 3 times so far and I loooooooooooove them. love.

Here are both so you can see the awesomeness up close. Sadly Tyler didn't order any but wanted to be part of the pic... he has such cute feet :)

Now about these stools. I'm not quite ready to buy them yet given the fact that I still don't have a kitchen to put them in but, goodness gracious, are these not the

I need these in my life.

Anyone have a West Elm coupon code?!



Bridgette Branham said...

I am loving these key socks! I am definitely going to have to get me a few pairs!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh those socks i have never seen those before but if they help keep your toes warm then wear them all winter long! it is crazy when you start buying grown-up stuff that you didn't realize your paycheck would go towards, sigh.. growing up sometimes sucks

Two of Harts said...

Haha Meg I know what you mean... sometimes I'm like "OOH look at that cute purse, maybe I should get it... oh wait, I need to pay my bill off or save for a couch!"

But on another note, these key socks are life changing.