The Hartland: Big Changes! 3 weeks full of work!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Big Changes! 3 weeks full of work!

I am WAY behind on house stuff so this will be a whole lot of pictures with a little bit of words so we can get it all in.

Here we go!

Tyler is always ready to work.
We've done a little shopping for the house..
Our master bedroom fan...

Outside happenings...

Let's take a moment to zoom in on my dads face... bahahahahaha!

Beginnings of our porch!
Inside changes...

The tub is gone!
New opening for the kitchen!!! 

Check out those added closets to your left :)

Tyler's hard work caught on camera
Tyler crawling out from under the hizzouse

Some of the guys helping us out!

The ceilings have been ripped out and ready for "coffin" ceilings... not quite sure how I feel about that but it will open up the room. Oh and yes, that is a chair hanging down...

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Living/Guest Room Closets

Taking a break... they deserve it!


Chatting around the water cooler dumpster...

Then the brick came! 

Under the house


Now begins what has been the last week or so at the house...

Looks like a totally different house! 

I'm falling in love with our little Hart Home

You can totally see straight through the house
More Progress!

Brick Porch!!

Testing the fireplace to see what to do with it...

And then there was a dead bat in my bathroom... Mom did not like.

Sometime this week I will have another update. I feel like I'm running thin on EVERYTHING (but my body) so bear with me. 

Next time, pictures of new walls, the fireplace demo and front porch.


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