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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What wedding?

In the midst of all this house madness, there is still a wedding to plan believe it or not. So lets back up a few months... ok like 5 months. Back in April, 5 out of 7 of my lovely maids joined me at Bridal Warehouse to find their dresses for the big day. Back then, we thought this wedding was worlds away, now look at where we are. 64 days. 64! I will have a HUSBAND in 64 days! Total freak out moment! Anyway... What I thought would be a difficult venture really turned out to be quite simple. At first, having 7 girls with different heights, shapes, likes and dislikes, I was worried. Plus ,I wanted them to have something comfortable and I had to please one that lived in Hawaii and one in North Carolina via photo text... gosh I love smart phones :)

My sister (Matron of Honor) brought the rest of the girls bags full of goodies! She had "B" written all over the bag. See, everything we are doing has 90% of the time started with a B... Bardstown, Blue, Baptist, Books, Burlap.. you get the picture... IT was a cute little gift :)

Katie and Shannon were like kids at Christmas!

AWE SHANNON! Love you girl!

Amy and Katie shopping till they drop 

Sarah AKA sexy duck :)

Brenda Boo explaining what she liked about this dress

Below  is what they all agreed on! Except, not in purple.  PS- If you ever need a good knowledgeable person to help you at Bridal Warehouse, Bethany behind that computer right there is your girl! She just saw me last week at my sisters fitting and totally remembered me! She is so sweet :)

Bridesmaid pumps

I LOVE ALL MY GIRLIES! We missed you Christie and Tiff!!!! 

We then headed to Applebees to stuff our faces. That how we roll.

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