The Hartland: Demolition Derby

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Demolition Derby

This has been the most exciting part of this whole process! Seeing this place get flipped turned upside down... I'd like to take a minute just sit right there...

Sorry Fresh Prince flashback... bet you sang it though.

Anyway, I haven't been keeping up in real time so the following pictures are about 2-3 weeks ago. I'll get caught up eventually...
Out with the old!

Think I'm gonna sell that door... any takers?
 Yep, we found some hardwood under there! It is actually in REALLY good condition however, we have to cut the floors out to get under the house to jack it up. So, Molly gets the floors she's always wanted! hip hip hooray!

Wood everywhere!
The next week my mom and I pull up to this... AHHHHHHH! The house was lookin' janky. But I had faith it would all be ok!

      New Windows!
Poles for porch

yay lumber!
He was all sweaty...
   So whats going on here? They've ripped the bottom of the house off! No really, thats basically what had to happen. They dug the footer for the front porch and marked the new front door placement. Also, my contractor taking a diet coke break... it's ok, I allowed it.

King of the castle.

This house be lookin' crazy underneath! There was termite damage but it's not active now. So, the next phase for the men is to jack up the house and put new boards underneath. The next step for us women, is to pick the cabinets, flooring, vanities etc.

Here is  the route I'm thinking of taking...

Here are a few inside demo pictures that will really wow you... they did me anyway!


My dad is standing in what will be our walk in closet/laundry room area. The middle walls you see will be knocked down eventually and that will all be our open master bedroom :)

Can anyone picture it yet? Will can.

Again, more to come soon! They are moving faster than I can write these posts!


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