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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life Lately!!

Hello again blog world!

I know its sad that it has been 2 months since I wrote ANYTHING on here... Actually, over 2 months. A million things have happened since April. I wanted so badly to keep up with this a few times a month, however life gets in the way and priorities take charge. So anyway, here are my May/June highlights with photos. Mostly, this is all for my reference so  later I can go back and reminisce! There are some exciting things happening so enjoy and leave me a comment at the end with your thoughts... :)

May Highlights

- Had lunch with my dear friend Shannon Boyd, learned what bubble tea was and that she was moving away to a better job :(
- Picked up my wedding dress
- Won a contest with Tone It Up
- Found a house but our offer was rejected...
- Had national cheeseburger day in honor of my Grandpa (May 8th)
- Hosted Brenda Sue's Bridal Shower
- Found out I was going to be an AUNT again!
- Got our engagement pictures back
- Celebrated Mothers Day & my Nanny's B-day
- Had a yard sale and made some moola
- Registered with Tyler
- Went to Africa for the first official  wedding of summer  ;)
- Ended May with a lovely lunch with my one and only Icing AKA- T-cox/ Teresa!

June Highlights

-Celebrated in Nashville for Brenda's Last Fling!
- Laughed so hard over my mom's quotes about Matthew Mcconaughey
- Accepted a new job at Yum! and went out to celebrate with great friends
- Celebrated an awesome dad for his Birthday/Fathers day
- Danced the night away with Katie for her Last Fling in Nash-Vegas!
- My sissy had a Birthday :)
-Crafted for my wedding and a little something for Katie's (see I spy below)
- Purchased our wedding bands
- Attended the wedding of Katie Stillwell to Bret Embry
- Started my new job!
- And with a few days still left, I will celebrate the marriage of Brenda Sherlock & Kenny Thornsberry, move Tyler out of his apartment and finish this DANG 3rd Hunger Games book. Never wanted to move on to another book so bad in my life! ha!

House Details!

A little about this house we found... It's a hidden treasure for sure ! My dad's friend from work told him about this property. His father in law had passed away about 5 months ago and it had be abandoned since. I was opposed because I thought we were going to have to build because all my dad kept saying was "well there is this property" Anyway, we went to look and I instantly thought no in my head, seeing how bad of shape it was in. But at least giving it a chance, we walked through and saw that the "bones" of the house were in great shape and my dad started to tell me how awesome this house COULD be! Tyler and I thought long and hard about it and decided that with my dad's expertise in flipping houses/him building our current home and my grandparents old 3 story home, we would have the best contractor around! We have been blessed to know many people that are willing to help with things such as brick laying, applying gutters, lending us back-hos, general help and jack of all trades! We are excited to get started and I will FOR SURE update on the blog as we go along on this project. We still have to get a few things squared away but it will be soon! I always wanted a renovation but never dreamed of something this extreme! Careful what you wish for!

PS- It's 7.4 acres and we have apple and peach trees already! Get ready for an adventure yall!!

PSS- Pics are below! Remember this is a COMPLETE remodel :)

There she is!

Our road

5 new babies next door!
our little house! 

Signed contract on the front porch!
our land :)



Amy and Daniel said...

Yay house!!!!!!' congrats!!!!! And wait, you went to Africa for a wedding?! Is that what I read?!
Love, Amy & Daniel

valorierose said...

Congrats molly!!! So many exciting things. Love the house and land. ~valorie h.

Two of Harts said...

Thanks Valorie! Amy- It was Africa Indiana that we passed through :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I was stalking your blog tonight and read this entry and saw my name!! Loved our lunch! We need another one soon!! :)