The Hartland: A matching garage!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A matching garage!

Anyone remember our lovely gray garage??
Here's a refresher:

Ouch. That thing was ugly. Thankfully I no longer have to look at that mess! A few weekends ago, Tyler and dad finished power washing, painting and adding siding.


Now everything matches and it looks wonderful! 
We just have to add the light back on the front and maybe replace that door... or at least re-paint it. You know how much I love to paint.

Speaking of paint... Tyler painted the lean to roof black. See his in action shots below...

It looks soooo much better! I'm so grateful to have a two handy men in my
 life & family that is always willing to help!
See those windows hanging from the roof? Yeah, that's our next battle! We hope to get that sun room closed up before winter... mainly so June can watch the snow fall all day!
 That diva always gets what she wants... she is pretty strict and definitly knows how to relax ;)

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Katherine Gonzales said...

Perfect home...I loved the paint of the house!