The Hartland: The one where I visited Shannon & started the Whole30

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The one where I visited Shannon & started the Whole30

To start August off right, I headed to Huntsville Alabama to visit my friend Shannon! We hadn't seen each other since my wedding!!  I'm so glad we put it on the calendar & nothing got in our way! Our plan was to craft, shop, catch up on life and start The Whole 30!

I only took a few photos but we had lots of fun!

Little Digby was there to supervise all of it. He is so cute!!

We got up on Saturday and headed to an Antique place where I bought a ceramic boot. Yes, you did read that correctly haha! I have a plan for it but for now, it's staying green with nothing in it. 

After lunch at Chipolte, we headed back to the apartment for some crafting! We both worked on our pinterest-y projects while watching fun movies like Hairspray and Legally Blonde. Shannon sewed a instagram pillow for her honey which turned out so neat! I decided on a star burst mirror. I've always wanted one and this was the perfect time to do it! 

I just bought a Hobby Lobby mirror and 3 packs of skewers. I evenly spaced the skewers around the mirror where I wanted the longest ones to be.

I did 6 on each side next to the first one I laid down. I just eye balled how far back to place them. Digby made sure I didn't miss any and occasionally played with a stick :)

And this is the semi finished product! I need to spray paint it but not sure what color yet since I don't know where it's going in the house.
What do you think?


During my trip, Shannon, her boy  Justin and I decided to take on the Whole 30 together. Lots of you have asked about it and I will tell you... its hard but worth it (so far). Basically, it's rethinking the foods you are putting in your body.

Yes, that's a ton to cut out (bread, cheese, chocolate, DIET COKE!?!) but if you read on their website, many great things can come from changing your habits. There is a huge science behind it all. Check out their website and order the book if you are serious about trying it!

I'm on day 13/30 and I am sleeping SO much better, I can see a difference in the bloat I had in my belly, I feel full faster and my mind is more focused while I'm at work. Plus, Tyler and I have cooked pretty much every night which makes us feel much better than just ordering a pizza! I know what's going in my body and I'm learning to try new foods like dates & plantains. I've even made healthy mayo and ranch!!

I measured and weighed before I started and I can't wait to see the results in 30 days. They don't want you to measure or weigh during because it isn't about that; its about how you feel.

The first few days were hard for me because I had to cut diet coke out, but I made it through. Look how yummy my first day  was!

 So that's pretty much it! I will try to post the rest of my meals as soon as I get them all organized!

My trip ended with church on Sunday and eating Panera salads with our Whole30 approved ranch!

Thank you Shannon for such a fun weekend! I'm so thankful for your friendship! We will have to do it again soon!

Do you think you could do the Whole 30?
What is your favorite food you would miss for 30 days?
Have you ever made a star burst mirror?

Until next time...


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Kim said...

I am thankful you are in Shannon's life! I know she loves you dearly and I hope you will always stay in touch.