The Hartland: So fresh & so clean clean!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

So fresh & so clean clean!

Hey yall!!

Notice anything different? (hint: title)

We are now going by The Hartland! Since we don't "technically" have a farm, we couldn't say we were going to the farm. So, we thought this was fitting. Plus, when we said we are going home, people were like, "Your parents home or your home?" So, now we say we are heading to The Hartland.

Not only was that changed but the overall layout has. I've really been trying to simplify everything lately. The blog was feeling too confusing and junky so we switched it up a bit.

I love this new layout! So crisp and simple. It's not all finished but for now I wanted to share the transition!

Until next time,

The Harts

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