The Hartland: We'll just paint it!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We'll just paint it!

This weekend, we finished priming all the walls for paint! Our good friend from church, Mike, gifted us the painting of our house for a wedding present. So, while we are working during the day, he will be out there plugging away :)

Today we took the guys lunch and took a few shots of the progress...

New porch light we scored fo freeeee

American Gothic remodel style
 Tyler has been coming home giving me a glimpse into the future. He looks good gray. Hope he doesn't go bald ;)

check out those eyebrows!

bench seating is coming along!
 Below is where Tyler will serve me luxurious meals as I sit and watch all the shows I record on the DVR.

Hey, a girl can dream right??

Here I'm standing in the kitchen looking down the hallway into our master bedroom. 

Uncle and dad working hard

more silliness...

New garage door!

Paint is labeled and ready to go!

What were you up to this weekend?

Anyone else spend a crazy amount of hours at Lowes?


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