The Hartland: Home sweet ... RV?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home sweet ... RV?

1. Recreational Vehicle
But could also stand for.... HOME (or at least a Revised Version of home)

For the next 7 weeks or less (hopefully less), our home will be an RV. Reality is, the house won't be done by October 27th. We are 100% ok with it though. We have had some rain days, sick days, only- two- guys- out- there days and run into more tweaks than we thought days. But it's ok, we knew it would be a tight squeeze to get it all done. And let me just say, we are very thankful to all who have helped with this whole process so far!!

It actually helps knowing we don't have to rush it to get done. But our only choices for where we could land after Jamaica, was back with my parents (uh, oh no no no) or plant an RV on the property we are already paying for anyway. Thanks GOODNESS we know someone with a 5th wheel to help us out. It will be an adventure for sure! We look at it as a Retreat Vacation or being Really 'Ventrous... ha! but either way, we are up for the challenge!

Reminds me of the movie RV-- Except we won't be traveling in it...

Hopefully we will be in before Thanksgiving or I could end up serving food outside with my hot tamale gloves on...


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